Lovers of multi-series melodrames are familiar with the series "Crazy Angel". Actors and roles are chosen so successfully that the uncomplicated plot becomes intriguing and tightens from the first minute of viewing.

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A script for the television film was written by Maria Terentyeva fromgroup of assistants. The main director was Alexander Sukharev, known for the series "Medical Secret" and the pictures "Team Che", "To marry at any cost."

In 2008, the company "World Russian Studios" completed the shooting of the serial series "Crazy Angel". The actors who participated in the project are all known for their numerous works in various paintings.

The new project consisted of 20 series and was released at the beginning of 2009.


Alena Nekrasova is a young and beautiful girl. She is quite happy with her life, work and the guy who cares for her. Soon the couple decides to get married. But the news that Pope Alena in the past has a sentence for theft is becoming an obstacle to the happiness of the young.

Alena is very upset by the betrayal of her beloved. But her problems are just beginning. The girl is accused of stealing an expensive ring known in the city of TV hostess Muromtseva. Of course, Alain is not to blame, but the label "daughter of a thief" helps the investigation in a false accusation.

In the police Alena meets a young investigator- Alexander Khabarov. He has long been secretly in love with a defendant and does not believe that she could have done something bad. All his strength the guy throws to justify Nekrasov. But she is found guilty and sent to prison for a long 3 years.

Khabarov leaves the prosecutor's office. And after the liberation Alain learns something that changes her and herself, and the rest of her life.

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Actors and roles

Actors of the series "Crazy Angel" are familiarRussian audience. The role of Alena was beautifully performed by Svetlana Khodchenkova. The actress is known for her works not only in Russian cinema, but also managed to participate in the Hollywood films.

So, in the thriller "Spy, go out" she starred along with Gary Oldman and Colin Firth. Distinguished in one of the parts of the fantastic saga of the hero of the comic books of Wolverine.

In the Russian cinema the most significant works of Svetlana were the films "Bless the Woman", "Zero kilometer", "Viking".

The role of Alena attracted Khodchenkov her likeness to her. Also, the actress noted the lack of tearfulness inherent in the heroines of the series.

Svetlana's partner was Alexander Bukharov,who played Khabarova's namesake. Sasha is less famous than Khodchenkov, but played his role perfectly. The actor participated in the filming of such films as "Wolfhound of the Family of the Gray Dogs", "Servant of the Sovereign". There are characters in Alexander and in several serials.

The real mother of Alena, Valentina Muromtseva,Lyubov Tolkalina played. In the luggage of the actress there are many works in multi-series projects. Known for the full-length films. Among them, "Antikiller", "Cannery", "Prohibited Reality" and others.

In the series "Crazy Angel" actors of the second planare also known to the viewer. Muromtseva's husband, who "put an eye" on Alena, is performed by the famous Russian actor Sergei Astakhov. Vyacheslav Dobrynin (the adoptive father of the heroine), Ivan Okhlobystin (Kesha), Tatyana Dogileva (Natalya's housekeeper) are all actors and roles of the "Crazy Angel". The photo of the heroes appeared on the pages of the press more than once.

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Interesting Facts

  1. In real life Khodchenkova (Anna), her youngest"mother" Tolkalina only for 5-6 years. Therefore, make-up artists had to work hard to make the heroine look natural on the screen. This helped hairstyles, retouching the face and business suits of the actress.
  2. The famous singer Irina Dubtsova performs one of the main musical themes of the series. And the song "Lost" by her and written.
  3. During the shooting of the episode, Valentina's suicide attempts(Tolkalina) the tragedy could actually happen. It was overcast, and Love really slipped on the bridge. From the fall, the actress saved partner Alexander Bukharov.
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