Pokemon Bulbazavr - one of four pocketmonsters Esha Ketchum, the most famous Pokemon coach. Appearing in the 10th series of the cartoon Pokemon, he fell in love with not only his coach, but also millions of fans. In the cartoon, he, along with the lightning-fast Pikachu, the fiery Charmander and the attacking water jets, Squirtle, helps Esh and his friends to come to their dream and resist the attacks of the R team, which tries to stop the guys from stealing their Pokemon.

What kind of a Pokemon is this? Bulbazavr!

Being a forest Pokémon, Bulbazavr periodicallyappears in dense vegetation meadows, but almost always it can be found in poke-trainers (the natural habitat is not so attractive for this monster).

pokemon bulbazavr

In the game Pokemon GO from Nintendo Bulbazavr afterThe 16th level acquires the opportunity to be reborn into a more perfect form - Ivizavra. After the evolution on his shell, a flower blossoms, which is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Upon reaching level 32, he becomes a Venusaur with a huge and still beautiful flower on the shell.

How does Bulbazavr attack?

Pokemon Bulbazavr refers to herbal pocketmonsters, which in terms of prevalence are inferior to both water and fire. From the shell of Bulbazavra, at the direction of the coach, grass shoots are produced, which are able to twist the enemy and knock him off his feet. In addition, a tornado from sharp as knives leaves can not only spin the opponent's head, but also cause serious harm.

After the evolution of the Pokémon, his flower,blossomed on the shell, deals a poisonous blow to the enemy. The larger the flower, the greater the attacking power of the Pokémon. Bulbazavr can not be used in the battle against insect monsters, its resistance to their attacks is reduced by 200%.

Secrets and features of Bulbazavr

It resembles something between the representativeplant and animal worlds, but Bulbazavra can not be attributed 100% to either one or the other. He attacks using the power of herb Pokémon, but moves like a regular monster.

This coach friend is always obedient and easily finds a common language with the rest of the Pokémon.

The evolution of the Bulbazaurs does not take place as in othersmonsters. Going to the Mysterious Forest, the Pokémon themselves make a decision about rebirth. They belong to the seminal type, there is no clear sexual division between the individuals.

pokemon bulbazavr pictures

In the cartoon "Pokemon" Bulbazavr, whose photo you see in the article, was a male. He left his coach only at the end of the journey, when he transferred it to the trustworthy hands of Professor Oak.

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