In the game Pokemon GO evolution Eevee has a certainan interesting secret. With it, users can freely control the transformation and get the desired creature. Not all coaches know about this possibility, and therefore it is worth studying this material.

Pokémon Description

In the Pokemon GO project, the evolution of Eevee is completelyis taken from the eponymous serial about pocket monsters. This small-looking pet resembles a small animal with a good-natured appearance. During the transformation, the Pokemon can turn into Flareon, Vaporone and Jolteon. They represent the fiery, water and electrical elements respectively.

pokemon go evolution eevee

Each of them has its pluses and minuses, butchoose the second form for yourself only in appearance and the nature of the creature is not worth it. Many fans of this creature decide to leave it in this appearance and cancel the transformation. All this thanks to a nice appearance and good characteristics. With proper pumping, Ivi can even be in the first form a strong opponent.

Three forms and transformation

Evolution of Eevee in Pokemon GO posesuser difficult choice. The player can choose for himself an electric Jolteon - a yellow-looking Pokemon who has sharp needles on his back. In battle, they become stronger than steel and spread the current. To get this pet, you need to rename it to Sparky and then make a transformation. Water Vaporone differs in that it becomes completely invisible in its environment and can suddenly attack the players. He is considered one of the rarest pocket monsters in the game, and there are reasons for this.

pokemon go evolution eevee what is stronger

To get it, you have to give Ivi the name Rainer, andthen carry out a transformation. The evolution of Eevee in the Pokemon GO in Flareon follows the same pattern, only the name of the creature at the time of the transformation must be Pyro. Fire type is characterized by powerful attacks, while the Pokémon of this element is the least in the project. It is worth noting that the developers have not in vain chosen a similar way of evolution. These names are a reference to the three brothers-coaches from the series, each of which had one of these Pokémon.

The strongest form

What is the stronger evolution of Eevee in Pokemon GO, you canlearn by yourself, but this will take an incredible amount of time. I'll have to find three Ivi, carry out the transformations, pump them and evaluate the forces. Instead, you can just watch the top of the most powerful pocket monsters in the game. In it on the first place the huge Snorlaks has settled down, and after it the deserved silver recouped to itself water Vaporone. It has 260 units of stamina, 186 attacks and 168 defense. Similar parameters can not boast of any Pokemon, except for the legendary, since they are much stronger than any normal pet.

pokemon eevee evolution pokemon go

Every coach that caught Ivi and wishesget a powerful fighter, must rename it in Rainer, so that he turned into a Vaporone. You can pump it in the same way as other creatures. He will become an excellent guard of the hall, if he can win. The evolution of the Pekemon Eevee in the Pokemon GO, except for the water Vaporone, has no alternatives, since other forms have not even entered the top ten of the strongest warriors. In addition to Snorlaks and this form, in the ranking there are Slovro, Lapras, Blastas and others.

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