Miaout - one of the most popular monsters is notonly in the animation "Pokemon". He is second only to Pikachu, but unlike him, Miaout loves himself and the R team the most with whom they together want to steal the rare friends of coaches and serve the evil.

What's with Pokemon? This is Miaout!

Mowut is a Pokemon, who is one of the key characters in the cartoon. Ash and his friends confront evil in the face of Jesse and James, as well as their faithful fluffy assistant.

meadow pokemon

Despite the fact that Mowt is a pokemon speaker andwho understands the human language with a half-word, he does not seek to use his gift for the benefit of people - on the contrary, the cat will do everything to steal Pikachu and other rare Pokémon and laugh at the coaches.

In the game Pokémon GO it does not play a key role and can not be chosen as the main one at the very beginning of the game (like Bulbazavr, Squirtle or Chermander).

What is the power of Meauta?

A meow is a Pokémon who does not have super skills orability to crush an opponent. It is almost inferior to each of the pocket monsters in terms of power characteristics. Attack can, using a growl. Still inflicts damage with sharp claws (often from him got to the team R, when the resident of the pokeball was not in the spirit).

Mowat - Pokemon extremely weak in relation tostone monsters. Their destructive force can not only harm the physical health of the Pokemon, which entails the restoration of energy for a longer period (using elixirs), but sometimes harm can be incompatible with life. Recall Meuta in the battle with Onyx, for example.

Who is Mowt evolving into?

Mowat, like most pokemonchikov, is vulnerableevolution - the next stage of its development, when it can turn into a more powerful monster, which has increased energy, strength and special skills.

meow pokemon evolution

In the game "Pokemon" Miaout (whose evolution is activebegins no earlier than the 28th level of progress) degenerates into arrogant Persian - also from the cat family, only possessing even greater conceit and the desire to do evil.

The physical characteristics of Persian are higher than those ofthe usual meowa: CP of the Pokemon owner of the cat will be no less than 500. In addition to growl and scratches, Persian is able to inflict significant damage to the enemy, since his attacks now include both bite, aggression, and wit.

Mowout in the cartoon "Pokemon"

According to the legendary cartoon, Persian wasthe favorite of the ringleader of team R, and earlier this place belonged to Meautu. Both have a haughty spiteful character, a penchant for negative acts and prefer to communicate "not with that company."

In contrast to Persian, which is 100% complete withoutmind of himself and his external characteristics, Mowut in the soul still hopes that one day he will be able to take his place next to the main one in the gang R and "save the world from destruction."

However, with each new series of fudge fabricationsmonster crash, and his plans to capture Pikachu and other rare pocket monsters not only do not succeed, but they constantly force the team R to retreat and fly away. Despite the fact that Miaout is only a Pokémon, and according to the activity of the trainers, he must obey their instructions, in the team he is the initiator of all actions and assumes responsibility for the failures, while not forgetting to point out the shortcomings of his comrades in "rallying generation ".

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