Pokemon dragons are a separate kind of pocket monsters, which belongs to one of 17 spontaneous subtypes. They got their name because of their external resemblance to the heroes of fairy tales.

Pokemon dragons are popular with coaches, since they have the ability to superataks and can resist virtually any kind of Pokémon.

Dragon type: brief description

Pokemon dragons are almost every Pokemon coach, as they are universal soldiers - strong, hardy, capable of damaging the vast majority of species.

The only drawback of dragons (in comparison withother types of pocket monsters) - their long evolution. Pokemon trainers are always interested in developing their characters to the perfect stage, and the dragon type in this plan realizes itself much later.

Pokemon Dragons

But the strength and attacking ability of dragonsare great that even the starting stages of these monsters guarantee victory in battles against rivals of other species that have already evolved. SR (average power, endurance and attack Pokémon) in the game Pokemon GO in dragons is always high, and the need to develop them ahead of time there.

Attack of dragons: against whom can not resist these Pokémon?

Dragons can fight and inflict crushinga blow to all types of Pokemon, except for steel monsters - against them, the attacking power of flying giants is powerless. However, if the Pokémon does not belong to the pure form of dragons, but is a double type fire / dragon, then using firepower, it can resist even its sworn enemy.

Maximum efficiency of 200% attackDragons are used against their own type. Electric, fiery, herbal and water pocket monsters deal 50% damage to dragons, but it's worth the fear of the ice Pokémon - their attacks have a double threat (200%).

Although Pokemon dragons are strong in nature,the number of attacks in their arsenal reaches only 12. And 10 of them represent the physical power of the dragon type, and the rest - the ability to analyze (smart attack).

Pokemon dragons: list

The number of pocket monsters, in which the dragon type, single or basic, reaches only 22. They are the second in the least number of Pokémon in the spontaneous type, second only to ghosts.

Pokemon Dragons List

The 100% dragons include:

  • Dratini.
  • Dragoneira.
  • The drdigon.
  • Haxorrus.
  • Fraksr.
  • Axion.
  • The car.
  • Shelgon.

Virtually "pureblood" dragons are consideredDragonote, Altaria, Salamens, Latias, Latios, Reykvasa, Gibble, Gabe, Garchomp, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kurem. The last dragon is the rare case when ice attacks will be powerless, since the Pokemon combines the power of the ice Pokémon.

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