In 2006, the ninth in a row film was released fromthe universe of pocket monsters, which is called "Pokemon: Ranger and the Temple of the Sea." Like all previous films of this series, the story will tell about a powerful legendary pet that can destroy the whole world.


The plot of the film "Pokemon: Ranger and the Temple of the Sea "begins with the fact that in the world of combat pets lives the Prince of the Sea named Manafi. He has a magic ball, in which there lives a creature with the same name as the lord. His strength lies in the fact that he can fulfill almost any desire. A good owner did not force Manafi to do bad things, but one day the artifact was stolen, and with him the legendary Pokemon. The thing was in the hands of ambitious pirates. They decide to conquer the whole world with the help of Manafi and from this the events of the painting "Pokemon: Ranger and the Temple of the Sea" begin.

Pokemon Ranger and Sea Temple

Continuation of the plot

After showing the outset of all events for the centralarena go public favorites - coach Ash Ketchum and his faithful yellow comrade Pikachu. They learned about what had happened to Manafi, and at the call of the soul they rushed to pursue the pirates. Their main task is to return the artifact, but the previous owner of the legendary pet died, and therefore it is necessary to find a new habitat for him. Ash decides that after saving a strong fighter in the series "Pokemon: Ranger and the Temple of the Sea," he should be taken to a dilapidated interior palace. Only there he will be able to recover and recover after being in captivity with pirates. The mission is going to be difficult, and the guys will have to work hard to fulfill it.

Pokemon Ranger and Sea Temple in Russian

Other details about the film

Pokemon: Ranger and the Temple of the Sea "in Russian is worth looking at least once to all the fans of the universe. In it, Ash will meet many other trainers and make new acquaintances. The film presents pets from the fourth generation (like Manafi) and the three previous ones. The most diverse Pokémon will participate in the battles for the legendary conqueror of the sea and the performer of desires. Here the spectator will be able to see Ratatu, Buizel, Sindra and much more the number of creatures of almost every element. The film lasts 105 minutes and fully reveals the story of the history of Manafi. It is worth mentioning that in the original series, the legendary Pokémon appear rarely and only in episodes. Here, a whole unique story tells about the life and abilities of Manafi. The film will be remembered by bright characters and interesting dialogues, where questions of peace and friendship are raised in the fantastic universe of pocket monsters.

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