Cognac is usually called strong alcohola drink obtained as a result of double distillation of white grape wine with subsequent aging in oak barrels. This drink was first produced in France, in a city of the same name. All other drinks prepared using the same technology are called brandy. Very often, by mistake, they are also considered cognac, although this is a delusion.

This refined drink has an astringent taste,a delicate aroma and aftertaste that lasts a long time. Its gustatory qualities are influenced by grape varieties, which serve as the basis for manufacturing, the area of ​​its growth, the quality of distillation and the way of aging. All these factors have the most direct effect on the properties of the final product. With careful observance of the manufacturing technology, the most expensive brandy with a pleasant and mild taste is obtained.

Production of this drink is given by the FrenchSpecial attention. The rules of manufacture and the main stages are fixed by legislative acts, in case of non-observance of which the manufacturer is punished with high penal sanctions, up to the deprivation of the license for manufacturing this product.

To make the most expensive cognac, it is necessaryhave extensive knowledge, and they are often passed only by inheritance. The most ancient and perfect technologies for making this drink belong to such houses as HENNESSU, ANDRE PETIT & FILS, CAMUS.

The most expensive cognac, caught in the record bookGuinness, this is HENRI IV, COGNAC GRANDE CHAMPAGNE. The cost is 1 875 000 US dollars. Cognac is made by the descendants of King Henry IV according to a unique recipe, which is over 235 years old. This is a truly precious drink with 100 years of aging, stored in oak barrels.

Before these casks are filled with cognac, theyare dried for five years. The alcohol content in this alcoholic beverage is 41%. HENRI IV was poured into a precious bottle in the form of an exotic shell, made of gold and platinum and strewn with diamonds (6,500 stones in total). The creation of this unique vessel was worked out by the famous French designer Jose Dalalos. This is by far the most expensive cognac, which found its buyer in Dubai at a world-famous auction. The Arab sheik, who bought it, chose not to reveal his name and quietly laid out almost two million US dollars for this divine drink.

Dear cognacs, to which can be attributedthe following brands: HENNESSU BEAUTE du SIEKLE, COURVOISIER L, ESPRIT, REMY MARTIN LOUIS VIII BLACK PEARL MAGNUM, HENNESU ELIPSE impress the imagination with their prices and the bottles in which they are bottled. Very often the price of such a capacity can exceed the cost of the cognac itself. Such original bottles resemble real works of art and decorate collections of very rich people.

Dear cognacs produce the most famousCognac houses, carefully respecting the prestige of their brands and producing only exclusive products. These drinks have not only a pleasant aftertaste, but also a subtle bouquet, in which there are notes that are peculiar only to certain brand cognacs. It can be flavored shades of expensive cigars, coffee or hazelnuts. A specialist will easily distinguish one brand of cognac from another not only to taste, but also to flavor. In addition, you also need to know that the most expensive does not mean that this is the best cognac. There are dozens of brands of cognacs sold for affordable price, which, nevertheless, are appreciated.

Using this drink, you should know that the mostthe best cognac is to be savored in the company with dear and beloved by us people, that for a long time to remember in memory the memories of the evening spent with a glass of this noble drink.

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