Back in Soviet times, the AzerbaijaniCognac was famous for its taste and was no less popular than its Armenian counterpart. And what is more, in terms of taste and bouquet, he, perhaps, even surpassed cognac from Armenia.

A short digression into the history

Thanks to the efforts of archaeologists in the territorycurrent Tovuz and Ganja, numerous evidence has been found that the Tovuz region has been famous for its winemaking for thousands of years. The various vessels in which the wine was stored, the fossilized grape pits and the remains of tartaric acid make it possible to state with certainty that winemaking was practiced in this territory before the Arabs came to Azerbaijan in the seventh century. This can also be judged from the manuscripts of famous travelers of antiquity. The same El Mugadassi, a well-known Arab geographer of the tenth century, talking about the riches of this region, says: "This country is great and beautiful and there are many fruits of grapes here. Nobody ever tasted grapes as sweet as they are in Nakhchivan. " Also in the 10-11 century epic named "Dede-Gorgud" it is told how at least eight dozen vessels of wine and glasses of gold were exhibited at the festive tablecloth. Therefore, whatever the skeptics and ill-wishers claim, all the factors show that the western region of Azerbaijan, Ganja and Tovuz, are one of the cradles of viticulture.

Azerbaijan cognac and the current situation with its production

Now the Azerbaijani vineyards number more than twenty thousand hectares. And on these squares are grown products for winemaking of the highest quality.

By the way, about how high-qualitythe Azerbaijani cognac is already saying that during the Soviet Union the famous Ararat brandy factory bought whole cognac spirit in Shamkir and Khanlar by railroad cisterns and, based on it, Armenians produced their world famous beers.

At present, fivefactories that produce cognac spirit, and three of them are modernized with the latest equipment. A few years ago in the Crimea at the Yalta festival, the Azerbaijani cognac won a gold medal.

cognac of moscow


The Azerbaijani cognac factories produce a rather wide range of products for a wide variety of tastes. Let's list the most famous:

  • "Amirani" - light golden with soft cognac taste and a light floral bouquet;
  • "Tetroni" with golden color of warm shades and a pleasant bouquet with tones of walnut and oak;
  • "Vizier" is an amber cognac with a soft taste and a fruity aroma;
  • "Babek" - is named in honor of the national Azerbaijani hero. The drink has a harmonious taste, the aroma of jasmine and walnut and the color of the amber tree.

Especially noteworthy are vintage drinks. This branded Azerbaijan cognac "Moscow", known since 1967, and also: "Azerbaijan", "Baku", "Ganja", "Gek-Gel", "Shirvan" and many other excellent varieties that admired true connoisseurs of this divine drink already more than one ten years.

brandy Azeri price

His Majesty the cognac is Azerbaijani. Price and where to buy

With regard to the acquisition of thisAzerbaijani cognac, then everything is far from easy. In most stores, if you can see it, then in most cases it will be fake. The best option is to visit Azerbaijan and purchase cognac at the manufacturing plant. True, most of this option does not work. Therefore, there are specialized points of sale and online stores, where it is still possible to purchase a real Azerbaijani cognac. You can buy it at fairly loyal prices. About 10-15 $ you will cost a simple cognac 3 years old. Well, if you need an expensive vintage or collection drink, then the price will be appropriate. The truth of true connoisseurs will not be stopped, and believe me, this drink is worth it.

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