Dreams, being one of the sides of lifeman, from time immemorial attracted people with their mystery and incomprehensibility. And to this day the interpretation of sleep is seen as one of the ways to look into the future.

There is an ancient science of divination bydreams - onyorkocracy. Its founder can be considered the biblical prophet Joseph, who was able to correctly interpret to Pharaoh his dream of seven fat and seven skinny cows.

Today, in order to solve your dream,It is not necessary to have a familiar prophet. At your service a reference book on onyurocratia is a dream book, the variety of its forms is amazing. The dream interpretation is ancient and the dream book is modern, there is even a dream book from well-known predictors and many others, as well as a dream book online, in a word, there is something to turn to.

Being a busy man, to whom dreams are allIt's not alien, as the desire to look into the future is not alien, we will try to find out the meaning of our dream in a dream book-online. It is noteworthy that it is a collection of all the dream books at once, except that it saves time for searching.

Why dream of a cow? Let's look for the answer to this question, which all day does not give rest so much that it even occurred to me to buy a dream book - the cows dreamed all night long. What is it for? Strangely enough, the interpretation of dreams in various dream books is ambiguous and contradictory. So, let's try to find out, based on various sources, what to expect from these strange dreams.

· Dream of Tsvetkov.

Seeing a cow in a dream is a concern.

· The Ukrainian dream book.

A cow in a dream is enemies and bondage.

· Sonny Hasse.

Seeing a cow - learn a lot of happiness; fat cow - to wealth; a thin cow - to a free life.

· Miller's dream.

Why dream a cow - the implementation of hopes and fulfillment of desires.

· Esoteric dream book.

The cow - from Cinderella to the Princess.

Milking a cow in a dream.

"Receive from life all that you can dream about," promises an esoteric dream book.

The opportunity to reconcile with an expensive person - according to the dream of the White Magician Yuri Longo.

Probability of obtaining an inheritance - promises a dream book Hasse.

Here's what the cow looks like, as can be seen from the runawayviewing some guidebooks on the world of dreams. However, it should be noted that the expectations of the dreamed should be positive, that is, it is from the category of dreams good and encouraging.

In general, the soil where prophecy livesdreams, quite unsteady and directly depends on our perception of certain events in a dream and how much we will be able to tie them to the events of real life. After all, a person is arranged in such a way that he is inclined to negate the negative, which means that if he does not see a good sign in his dream, he will convince himself that to trust dreams is at least frivolous. Although a dream with a good value is likely to lead to an opposite situation.

Interpretation of dreams, however, never gavepeace to mankind. Dreams tried to interpret the figures of the occult sciences and tried to explain the philosophers, even the poets sang. The greatest minds bowed their heads before the incomprehensible mystery of the dream. Most likely, the tragedy of man's spiritual search lies in the fact that he does not know what he is looking for.

However, without going into such a philosophy,remember that in a dream we saw a cow. And the answer to the question of what the cow is dreaming about is of no less interest. All the information found, with some exceptions, carries a positive charge, which means that we should expect some good events. For a good omen is akin to magic. And let the cow, seen in a dream, give you a good mood for the whole day. Anticipating dreams promised by dreams, you will be able to build your day, so that everything will turn out as best as you can. Do not deny yourself the pleasure not only to look into the future, but also to simulate it.

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