Dreams about my mother can be interpreted in different ways, independing on the existing relationships between you in real life. Mom is a wise woman who lives inside of you, even if you are a man. The meaning that you attach to this symbol serves as a clear reflection of your "I". Interpretation of sleep can depend very much on your attitude to your mother, but in any case, the dream where your mother is to you is very significant for your future life. If you see your own mother in a dream and she gives you advice, then using them in life can help you in a difficult situation.

Any dream where you see your mother in a dream, promisesyou in the future well-being and blessing. This means that she recognizes the correctness of your affairs and cares for you. If you dream about a mother who behaves uneasily in your sleep or if she leads an uncharacteristic life, then you should expect scandals in your family. It is possible that relatives will blame your mother for starting a period of misfortunes in the family. A dream warns you that you will be responsible for everything that happens in reality. To understand what the dream of a mother, you can, if you remember how she looked, what she did, what feelings she expressed in relation to you.

If your mother looks like a dream in the same way as inreality, then you should not expect serious changes at this time, your life will go on without major changes. If you see your mother crying, then this is a bad sign, which may portend scandals, major quarrels or even the breakdown of the family. You are given a warning, and now it depends on you what measures you will take to keep the family in peace.

Scandal or argue in a dream with your mothermeans the possibility of a scandalous situation in your environment. A lullaby in a dream means that you spend a lot of time on work and do not spend time with your family at all. Your mother in a dream suggests that you can still have a trusting and kind relationship in your family, you do not need to miss the last chance.

Why dream of a mother who appeared in your house? This dream means that everything for what you would not undertake in the near future, everything will turn out for you, and all plans will be accomplished. Talking with your mother in a dream speaks of good news coming soon. If you just hear the voice of your mother or she calls you, then you should remember the obligations that you must fulfill. This dream can tell you that you are alone, and you should communicate more with your loved ones. You need to understand what to dream about, and try to correct mistakes made in family relationships.

A woman's dream in which mother is present promises pleasant duties in family relationships and deserved family happiness.

Mom symbolizes wisdom and compassion. If you dreamed of a mother, healthy and cheerful, this image promises you protection and help. If your mother in a dream is in a difficult situation, then you can have difficult relationships in the team, in the service, or you can get sick. If you have seen a dream, the deceased mother in which fusses around the house, then this heralds a good perspective, a long life.

What else could this dream mean? Often, a mother in a dream warns men about the beginning of a responsible period of life, and women indicates their family responsibilities. Also, this person, the closest and dearest, can personify a womanhood and love. As in any dream, it is very important to analyze not even the image itself, but the sensations that remained after awakening. Warm and bright feelings, joy and pacification, anxiety or bad rain - what do you have in mind after this dream? Listen to yourself, and your feelings will be the most accurate answer to the question of what to dream about mom.

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