Being interested in the meanings of certain symbols indreams, you should not neglect any of them. If the coffin had a dream, for example, what can you do about it? You just need to know what it's for. It is possible that such a dream promises you something good. As for me, I've often dreamed of a coffin, and nothing bad happened in connection with this. I even dreamed that I myself was lying in the coffin, and even among the two dead. Let's traditionally turn to dream-interpreters, because problems come precisely from ignorance.

The so-called detailed dream book by Denise Lynn onThe question is: what does the coffin dream about, the answer is clear, but concise. It is a symbol of completeness, the outcome of a particular situation. Perhaps this dream is the end of the relationship. Well, sparingly, we'll dig further.

Why dream of a coffin, according to the authora noble dream book? If it is empty, then to sadness and sadness, fear. But not necessarily. It is possible that you will receive some profit from the work of your righteous. If this coffin is not just empty, but also open, it is a red signal. A person close to you is in danger.

It's not bad if you make a coffin in a dream. At work you are waiting for a promotion. Why dream of the coffin that you are carrying? Too good, to profit. When you crawl into a coffin in your dream, you must, upon awakening, think about food for your intellect. Such a dream indicates a thirst for knowledge and even a longing for them. Your spirit yearns, and you do not know about it, here it is to you through dreams and signals.

If you see yourself lying in a coffin, then you will come acrosson obstacles in achieving their goals. Still, it is possible that you are trying to hide in real life, to escape from reality. But, if you lie in it, and then get out of there, then such a dream promises you a spiritual revival, a renewal of mental strength. Why dream of a coffin if you fall into it? This is to the fact that good fame can harm you. Be more careful and modest!

Who will unearth the coffin in a dream, that mystery will be discovered in reality. Whoever buries the coffin, he forgets something, tries to forget, at least. The boards from the coffin steal - the danger of making money.

Why does the coffin dream of a dream book by Shereminsky? Here we are enlightened in this way. The coffin is generally considered to be a sign from which goodness can not be expected. However, some dream books offer a safe interpretation of this symbol. Here, for example, an open coffin to success in business, and if in it lies your friend, then success will come to this friend. A young coffin dreams of a wedding. You see yourself in the coffin - things are coming to an end.

A new family dream book is nothing comforting to usoffers, answering the question - what to dream about the coffin. It says that it is for loss, and if he is in the Church, and even with flowers all covered, then marriage can not be successful. You can see yourself in the coffin, you will be shy, and maybe it will hurt.

Thank God for the gypsies and their gypsy dream book! Here it is said that the sign is simply magnificent. This longevity is predicted to you, you will see the happiness of your children and grandchildren. This dream book tells you that when you see yourself in the coffin, you should also be happy, because it is a sign of stably good health. I do not know about you, but I choose this dream book as the most faithful in interpretations. At least, I did not bring such a dream.

And again poverty, again humiliation! This is an old French dream book. Although, if this coffin is heavy and large in size, then there will be joy for you, and consent in the family. You will live in the soul! And the coffin made of gold informs you that from somewhere far away you are striving for success.

According to the French dream book, if the coffinsmake, then your hard work will be appreciated, and you will receive a solid reward. If you yourself buy a coffin in a dream, then you get prosperity in reality, and in the house consent.

In general, everything is not so bad, is not it? We learned a lot today. May all the good things come into your life, no matter what you dream about!

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