A fur coat in a dream, as a rule, foreshadows the materialprosperity and success. However, there are other interpretations. To correctly interpret what the fur coats are looking for, it is necessary to take into account all the details and nuances of the dream. Particularly important is the condition of the garment.

What does the fur coat look like?

Wanderer's Dream Interpretation: What does the fur coat look like?

This dream can mean prosperity, authority or conflict. An expensive fur coat for men dreams of losses, and women - to a wealthy groom.

Esoteric dream book

A warm and sound coat in a dream meansstability and material prosperity. A chic and very expensive piece of clothing is a dream-warning. The sleeper should not bully his nose and flaunt his wealth, as this can cause someone's envy and provoke the evil eye. The old and shabby fur coat dreams of instability in the material plan. Revenues will alternate with losses.

Russian dream book: what does a fur coat dream about

This dream most often foreshadows a big quarrel, which will be accompanied by great noise.

The symbolic dream book

The fur coat is a symbol of pretense, overstatedrequirements or satisfaction with their success. If the sleeper sees her put on a naked man, then in real life he expects the betrayal of someone close to him. A dream in which a dog is attacked by a dreamer and torn by his fur coat means troubles and conflicts that will arise through the fault of other people. If a large-sized piece of clothing, designed for an adult, is put on a child, this dream portends a meeting with a person who thinks a lot about himself and tries to show his own worth. This can confuse the sleeping person.

Dream Interpretation dream of a fur coat

Sonnik Tzvetkova: what does the fur coat look like

This dream foreshadows a big scandal. Another possible interpretation is forced departure or road.

Sonnik Miller

The fur coat in the dream means that in the near futurethe sleeper will have everything to feel happy. When a person dreams that it is a very expensive fur accessory or a piece of clothing, fate has prepared for him a very unpleasant surprise. Therefore, you should be on your guard. If the sleeper sees himself in a torn and dirty coat, then his financial situation will improve, and adversity and sorrow will be bypassed. When a person buys a fur coat in a store, then he will have a wonderful relationship with the other half. To a young lady such a dream portends the appearance of a rich admirer.

What does a white fur coat dream about?
Sonnik Kananita: what does the fur coat look like

This dream portends a dreamer material prosperity and success in business.

Winters of Winter

When a person dreams that he is wearing a warm anda comfortable fur coat is a foretaste of success in all matters and beautiful relationships with others. If it is excessively hot and uncomfortable, then such a dream indicates that the dreamer is too concerned about personal well-being, and this complicates his life.

Dream of Veles

Wearing a fur coat in a dream - to a rich inheritance. Try black - to death. And what does a white fur coat dream about? It heralds a disease. If a fur garment fell in a dream is not right - to grief and sorrow.

Sonny Hasse

Shuba, as a rule, comes in a dream to welfare.

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