The dream in which you dressed clothes canmean both good and bad. The interpretation of the dream in which you saw clothing depends primarily on its appearance and condition. If you dream of dirty, tattered, old clothes, Miller's dream book says it promises you bad luck. Dirty clothes in a dream portends deception, loss of reputation, exercise caution in dealing with unfamiliar people.

If you dream unfashionable clothes, dream treatsthis is like the chances of you achieving success in business, but you will probably miss some important ideas. If you give up clothes that have gone out of fashion, then such a dream means that you will soon change the situation, make new acquaintances, change yourself.

If you are dreaming about bloody clothes, the dream book says that you should be afraid of your enemies. If in your dream you go on a muddy road and have soiled your clothes, this heralds a disease.

Clothing in our dreams symbolizes self-esteem. So if you dreamed that you are losing clothes, it means that you become vulnerable, also this dream means failure, vain hopes, shame. Seeing yourself in a dream beautifully dressed means praise, recognition, as well as achieving your goals. And if you see yourself slovenly dressed, it shows condemnation from your surroundings. If in a dream you take off your old, worn out clothes, it says that in the future you are expected to change in your personal life, success in business.

Trying or wearing someone else's clothes in a dream that does not suit you means that you are not busy with your own business, and such a dream promises troubles.

Sonny Hasse gives the following interpretation of sleep, whereyou buy clothes. Buying clothes in a dream promises you happiness. Any new element of the wardrobe that you buy, try on or wear in a dream is a good sign and portends you luck, new relationships, good news.

To consider the lining, the underside of clothing means that you need to carefully take important decisions, do not trust your partners, they can pursue their goals.

If you dream a diverse and rich wardrobe, many outfits, then it symbolizes your today's carefree life, a useless waste of money. Soon you will have to regret it.

A woman see herself in a dream in men's clothes promisesshe will soon be married. If a man dreams that he wears women's clothes, the dream book says that such a dream portends a loss, a failure in business, shame. Important for the correct interpretation of the dream in which you saw clothing, has its color.

So, a large number of interpretations of such a dream givesalmost any dream book. White clothes in your dream means sadness, sadness. If you are walking in a dream with a man dressed in white clothes, then such a dream presages a disease for this person. If you have a young woman or child next to you, this indicates that you will be lucky, pleasant events await you. Seeing clothes in yellow tones means success in financial matters. Blue clothes are a sign of achievement of your goals, with the support of relatives and friends.

Clothing of red color promises you trouble,a shame. Red apparel for a young unmarried girl heralds the bridegroom's appearance. To dream in clothes of blue, violet colors means good luck in love affairs. Green clothes - hopes, travel. Clothes of dark tones, black color, promise a failure in love. The same dream book, black clothing in which means illness, suggests that such a vision can also portend a quarrel with people close to you and disappointment. Also, the black attire on you in a dream portends a loss. But do not blindly believe in dreams, waking up, every morning you need to program yourself for a wonderful day, for successful meetings, good results.

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