Since ancient times for the treatment of almost alldiseases were used medicinal herbs, including comfrey among them. His healing properties are quite extensive, and help get rid of many ailments. Modern pharmaceutical companies are actively using this plant in the manufacture of medicines.

Comfrey: medicinal properties

comfrey medicinal properties

First of all I would like to note the uniquehealing properties of grass. If earlier purulent wounds, boils, ulcers and even trite scratches were eliminated by compress on the basis of crushed comfrey, then today in any pharmacy you can buy a special ointment or light gel, which necessarily includes the mentioned plant. Particularly relevant are such funds for suppuration of wounds, because to avoid further spread of inflammation, it is necessary to urgently remove pus and disinfect tissues. Comfrey treatment is recommended in the presence of problems with joints, especially those of advanced age, when bone tissue becomes fragile, and it is easier to damage. During the period of the fracture, the comfrey must be drunk. For women, this remedy is a real salvation, as shown in uterine bleeding and other pathologies of female genital organs. As a prophylaxis of comfrey people with a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcers and gastritis. However, ladies who want to lose weight, it is better to postpone the above drug, as it increases appetite, and therefore, there is a desire to more and more. A anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties allow you to use some recipes for external use, including to preserve the beauty of hair and body.

Comfrey: medicinal properties and recipes of folk medicine

treatment with comfrey

The most common drug wasform of tincture. For its preparation, take the fresh root of the comfrey, rinse thoroughly under running water, clean and grind (either through a meat grinder or on a grater). Then we put the product in a glass jar: one hundred grams of comfrey will need half a liter of vodka. The mixture is shaken and stored in a dark cold place for two weeks. The quality infusion acquires a brown tint, and its consistency is quite viscous. Filter and take 10 drops twice a day on an empty stomach, after an hour you can eat. In no case should you exceed the indicated dosage, since the plant is classified as poisonous. In addition, do not rush to discard the sediment, because it can be poured repeatedly, but no more than three times. This tincture is suitable for eliminating toothache and reducing the sensitivity of enamel, for gargling with inflammation such as sore throat and laryngitis. In its pure form, you can even treat aching joints and bones after fracture.

Comfrey: medicinal properties and contraindications


It must be remembered that this plant is capable ofpoison and, if used improperly, harm health. For the same reason, this method of treatment for women during pregnancy and lactation is strictly forbidden. If you often use comfrey for joints, but you observe periodic numbness, spasms, loss of sensitivity, you must immediately abandon this remedy. Never self-medication to the good did not bring, so it's best to seek help from a specialist who can give the right recommendations.

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