Dushitsu, also known as oregano or incense,can be found in the steppe or meadows. It is a grass with pointed leaves and small pink inflorescences. It has long been growing in one place and is considered a good medon. It has long been known that the oregano has medicinal properties and contraindications.

Merits of oregano

oregano medicinal properties and contraindications
Grass has a beneficial effect on the intestines, hascholeretic and diuretic properties. Therefore, it is used for diseases of the genitourinary system. Expectorant and diaphoretic actions help cope with colds. As a soothing and analgesic remedy, oregano has a beneficial effect on the human nerve cells. Stimulates the process of milk production during lactation.

In addition, the medicinal herb of oregano can scare off insects. Cooking is also not spared its peculiar flavor, so when preparing many dishes use this spice.

Drug herb contains in its composition essential oil, phenols, tannins.


What is so good about oregano? The healing properties and contraindications of it have already been studied by folk medicine. Oregano can be used as a tonic. Soothing ability of the plant helps to cope with neuroses, depression, sleep disorders and even with epileptic seizures.

One of the popular names of oregano ismotherboard. In the word itself, the use of the plant for the female organism is hidden. Oregano normalizes the menstrual cycle, restores hormonal balance, and also reduces painful sensations during menstruation.

When coughing, bronchitis, sore throat,Tuberculosis is often used for decoctions, for the preparation of which the herb oregano is used. Useful properties of the plant antimicrobial nature manifest themselves in the treatment of skin and fungal diseases, furunculosis and helminthiosis. And oncologists know the ability of incense to slow the growth and spread of tumors.

When combating what other ailments is usedoregano? Therapeutic properties and contraindications to its use are thoroughly studied. On this basis, drugs based on oregano are used in the treatment of the human digestive system. And broths can improve appetite. Among other things, oregano is simply added as a seasoning to meat dishes, sauces and gravies.


herb oregano useful properties
It is undeniable that a positive impact onthe body renders the oregano. Therapeutic properties and contraindications to its use have long been known. It is proved that application of oregano can provoke sharp pressure jumps. Therefore, hypertensive patients should better avoid it. With diseases of the heart and blood vessels, grass is also not recommended. Stimulation of the muscles of the uterus through oregano can cause miscarriage in a pregnant woman, and prolonged use in men - temporary impotence. Even as a seasoning about oregano you need to forget people suffering from an ulcer that has a disease of the duodenum or increased acidity of the gastric juice. Do not also ignore the individual intolerance of the plant.

Methods of application

Usually oregano is used as a decoction andinfusions. You need to consume them before eating. Essential oil of oregano is added to the solution for inhalation. In addition, infusion of herbs are added to the strengthening baths. To increase the production of milk, it is enough to mix equal parts of oregano and any tea.

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