A person suffering from such a serious endocrinedisease, must cook their own food according to the menu developed by the doctor. With diabetes, you can not eat certain foods. And some, on the contrary, need to eat more. And the diet should also be revised. However, all these nuances are explained to the patient by the doctor. And the diet is painted taking into account individual characteristics. However, with the menu, which has become traditional, should be read.

menus for diabetes

General principles

There are several basic provisions thatincludes a diet for diabetes. The menu must contain enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber and vitamins. Recommendations for all are the same. Patients with excess weight should replace food with a high content of carbohydrates and fats vegetables, and those who have a mass less than the norm, must use high-calorie foods.

It is also recommended to switch to fractional power. A patient with this regime will need to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.

You will also need to increase the numberconsumed vegetables, especially in summer. But from fat and fried it is better to refuse. The quantity of fish and meat should also be minimized. In particular, this applies to people who are overweight.

All calculations are made by the endocrinologist, considering socalled bread units, which are used to estimate the amount of carbohydrates contained in foods. One HE is about 25 grams of bread. Daily intake of carbohydrates for a diabetic should not be more than 25 XE. This volume should be divided into 5-6 meals. That is, at one time a patient can consume about 5-6 XE.

menu for the week with type 2 diabetes mellitus

The main sources of carbohydrates

Before you fully describe the menu in diabetes, it is worth mentioning the products from which people with this disease can get the carbohydrates they need.

They are allowed to eat whole grains. This is pasta from hard wheat varieties, brown rice, pearl barley porridge, oatmeal and buckwheat. Also, carbohydrates can be obtained by eating bread made from wholemeal flour, or whole wheat bread.

Still allowed to eat beets, carrots and potatoes. Fruits and berries for diabetics are useful, but not all. It is necessary to exclude grapes, cherries, bananas, dates, prunes, figs, raisins and dried apricots. By the way, if a person does not represent his existence without a sweet tea, then the use of sweeteners will be the way out for him.

9 table with diabetes mellitus

With what to begin?

Go to a new menu for diabetes is difficult. It is hardest to get used to the changed diet. But for this there is quite a "convenient" gastronomic schedule.

For breakfast of the first day it is recommended to eat 200gram of porridge. But not rice or semolina. In addition, you need a snack 2-3 slices of cheese (17% fat) and a slice of bread. From drinks you can choose either tea or coffee. After a while, there is a second breakfast. A person should eat an apple, 20 grams of biscuits and drink a cup of tea.

For lunch, you need to make a vegetable salad (100 grams),eat a small bowl of borsch with a slice of bread, steamed meat cutlet and stewed cabbage. For dessert, it is recommended to buy 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and fruit jelly on sugar substitutes. Instead of tea it is better to prepare a useful and tasty broth of a dogrose.

Supper on the first day you need a vegetable salad and boiled meat - 100 grams. Then, after a while, it is recommended to drink a glass of one-percent kefir.

It is interesting that the energy value of allthe diet is 1,400 kcal. This menu with diabetes is fully - all the products included in it are able to give the body the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

menus with diabetes mellitus 2

Second day

The next day, breakfast should bean omelette (1 yolk and 2 squirrels), a small piece of boiled veal, a large tomato, a slice of bread and tea / coffee. After a while you need to eat a portion of bio-yogurt and two dry loaves.

For lunch, an increased portion of vegetable salad, a bowl of mushroom soup, 100 grams of chicken breast, bread and a little baked pumpkin is recommended. In the afternoon snack you can eat half a grapefruit and bio-yogurt.

For dinner, a portion of stewed cabbage is recommended with 1a tablespoon of sour cream (10% fat) and a piece of boiled fish. For a couple of hours before sleep, you need to drink a glass of yogurt and eat a baked apple. This varied diet contains only 1,300 calories.


What else can you vary the menu with sugarType 2 diabetes? In the morning of the third day, doctors recommend eating a portion of cabbage rolls with meat, watering them with 10 percent sour cream. A slice of bread and tea are also necessary. The second meal consists of a glass of compote and crackers.

For lunch, you need to eat a vegetable salad, a servingVegetarian soup and 100 grams of stewed fish or meat with boiled pasta. The snack is a small orange and a glass of fruit tea. And dinner - curd casserole with berries, sour cream and broth of rose hips. Before going to bed, as always, a glass of one-percent kefir.

Breakfast of the fourth day should be the same asand for the first time. The second meal includes low-fat cottage cheese, half a pear or whole kiwi and tea. For lunch, you have to cook a pickle, put out 100 grams of meat and the same number of zucchini. The afternoon snack of the fourth day of the diet includes 2-3 sugar-free cookies and tea. For dinner, you can eat a piece of chicken / fish, 200 grams of green beans and tea. For a couple of hours before bedtime, kefir or an apple is recommended - to choose from.

diet with diabetes mellitus

Fifth day

By this time the body already needs a littleget used to the fact that he now has a new diet. With diabetes 2 types of the menu includes a lot of sour-milk products, as it could be understood. Breakfast for the fifth day includes bio-yogurt and 150 grams of cottage cheese. The second meal is also a dairy product. 40 grams of cheese, two slices of bread and tea.

For lunch it is recommended to prepare a double portiongreen vegetable salad, bake 1-2 potatoes and a piece of fish. Dessert will be 100 grams of berries. The snack includes baked pumpkin, poppy-free drying and compote without sugar.

For dinner, you will need to make a green salad of vegetables and a steamed meat cutlet. A couple of hours before sleep - a traditional glass of yogurt.

menu for the week with diabetes mellitus 2


On the sixth day of the new diet morevarious become table. The menu for diabetes involves breakfast from one egg, several slices of salted salmon, a slice of bread, a large cucumber and a cup of tea. After a couple of hours you need to eat a portion of low-fat cottage cheese and 150 grams of berries.

Lunch includes a portion of borsch, 2-3 lazycabbage roll with 10% sour cream and bread. On a mid-afternoon snack bio-yogurt and 2 dry loaves are recommended. And for dinner - 100 grams of uncooked peas, a piece of boiled poultry and stewed eggplant. Before going to bed - kefir.

On the last day it is suggested to follow a very diverse menu. For a week with type 2 diabetes mellitus, different foods are offered, as already can be seen.

The last day also includes manydishes. For breakfast - buckwheat porridge on the water, ham from veal and tea. After some time it is recommended to eat several unsweetened biscuits, an apple or an orange, and also to drink a cup of broth of a dogrose. We need to have lunch with mushroom soup with sour cream and bread, veal calf and stewed zucchini. For a snack, it is allowed to eat a few ripe plums with a portion of cottage cheese. And for dinner, you have to bake fish, cook a salad of spinach and put out zucchini. Finally - a glass of bio-yogurt. The 7th day is the only one when you can please yourself with something other than kefir.

Prohibitions of "Table No. 9"

This is the name of one of the most famousbalanced diets for diabetics. It does not cause fluctuations in the level of sugar in the blood, but also allows a person to receive nutrients and nutrients in full.

So, what does the "9 table" diet prohibit? With diabetes, the menu should not contain any sweets, this is the first. Also, goose meat and ducks, salted and fat fish are forbidden. It is necessary to exclude sweet yoghurt, ryazhenka, melted milk and cream. And strong meat broths.

In addition to the above, the use ofpickled vegetables, spicy and spicy snacks, juices with sugar, alcohol and everything in which there are seasonings. Each menu for a week with type 2 diabetes involves the complete exclusion of all mentioned products from the diet.

diet with diabetes 2 types of menu

What can I use?

So, in terms of limitations, everything is clear. At last it is necessary to list the products, the use of which is allowed by the diet we are considering ("9 table"). With diabetes, the menu is quite strict, but even it can be diversified. The above option is just one of many existing ones.

A person can make his own diet. He can eat sausages with a minimum fat content, fish, beef, rabbit, turkey, pork. It is allowed to use greens, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, sweet pepper, lentils, carrots. You can eat eggs, but not more than one per day. Confectionery products are also allowed to eat, but only dietary. You can also diversify your diet with freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, as well as herbal decoctions. Many people like to make salads with olive oil and homemade yogurt dressing.

So, as you can see, even with such a serious endocrine disease you can continue to enjoy delicious food. The main thing is to be able to combine products.

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