Reduction in the blood hemoglobin and red blood cells (red blood cells) leads to the disease - anemia (anemia). There is a rapid and chronic anemia.

Symptoms of anemia

With a lack of iron in the body can developanemia. Symptoms of the disease are as follows: skin of pale shade; cardiovascular disorders (dyspnea, heart palpitations, decreased venous and arterial blood pressure); weakness in the body; frequent dizziness.

Anemia is not an independent disease. It accompanies some other disease. Very often there is anemia in children and pregnant women.

The causes of iron deficiency anemia (anemia)

- Pregnant women and children suffer from a shortage ofgland. It is necessary for obtaining hemoglobin. Anemia arises from the lack of iron in food, because of its poor absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. There are cases when such a disease develops due to lack of protein and vitamins in the body.

- No less important factor causing anemia,are acute and chronic diseases: inflammation of the kidneys, viral and intestinal infections. Anemia, the symptoms of which are manifested as a result of the transferred infectious diseases, is called postinfection anemia. To him, especially children are prone, who often get sick.

- Postponed trauma associated with a large loss of blood.

- Stressful situations leading to nervous breakdown.

With an improperly balanced dietthere is a combination of iron deficiency and post-infection anemia. Also premature babies are prone to the development of anemia. This is due to their intensive growth in the first year of life, in contrast to full-term peers.

Preventative measures of the disease

Pregnant women for the prevention of anemia,except for proper nutrition, you need to take walks in the fresh air. In addition, you should take vitamins with iron, prescribed by a doctor, and also lead a healthy lifestyle, exclude physical activity.

To protect children from anemia,you need to feed them with breast milk. In this case, the lactating mother should be fully fed. Preventive measures include the absence of contacts with infectious patients. Children who are born before the term, the specialist appoints preventive drugs.

Treatment of Anemia

Is there a suspicion of anemia? Symptoms indicate its development? It is necessary to consult a doctor for examination and confirmation of the diagnosis. In case of anemia as a result of another disease, the specialist must diagnose it and prescribe the appropriate treatment. When a disease is detected, anemia, the symptoms of which have appeared due to an improperly balanced diet, it is necessary to correct the daily diet. But you should know that it is necessary to start eating properly gradually. Otherwise, indigestion may occur.

Anemia, the treatment of which is reduced to correctiondiet, is eliminated quickly. Food should consist of the following products: beef meat, buckwheat and oatmeal, nuts, green apples, beets, potatoes, plums, pears, black currants. In addition to this, drugs prescribed by a doctor are taken. Treatment can not be postponed. The disease lowers the immunity, and this leads to the development of infectious diseases. Against the background of anemia, they proceed in a more severe form.

If anemia is detected in a child receivingbreastmilk, mum, it is necessary to take preparations containing iron. In addition, she needs to re-examine her diet, often walking with the baby in the air. Children's health is a very important task. The success of its solution depends on the parents.

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