Jerusalem artichoke, or earth pear - it's delicious anda very useful root crop of a perennial plant attributed to the family of Compositae. This culture is considered one of the closest relatives of sunflower. The Jerusalem artichoke plant can be up to three meters tall. To its rhizome are attached tubers of oblong form, which can be of different colors. The color range of Jerusalem artichoke root crops can range from yellow to brown tones. Rare tubers are rare.

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What is useful for Jerusalem artichoke? This root is a rich source of microelements and vitamins. It contains a lot of ascorbic acid, as well as dietary fiber, iron and potassium. However, this is not all the components of an amazing plant. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, B vitamins and important for the organism microelements.

Our ancestors knew well what artichoke is useful for. This delicious product has long been a universal medicine used to get rid of certain diseases. The juice squeezed from this root helps to eliminate heartburn, as it reduces acidity. This tool also helps in case of blockage phenomena, as well as with pain in the abdomen. Possessing an anti-inflammatory property, the root juice helps to eliminate polyarthritis.

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What is the use of Jerusalem artichoke for the heart system? Elements that are part of the root crop, provide invaluable help for tachycardia and atherosclerosis. It is valuable for hypertension and ischemic disease. It is recommended that Jerusalem artichoke and diabetics be included in their diet. This root is able to produce a hypoglycemic effect. Topinambour is considered the best way to treat non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Healing tubers help with anemia, obesity, and salt deposits.

Still more useful for artichamber for the body? Root crop has pronounced antioxidant properties. In addition, it excellently removes toxins and radionuclides that clog it from the body. Eliminates it and the salts of metals belonging to heavy. This ability of Jerusalem artichoke is especially actual for inhabitants of megacities. A valuable tuber is also recommended for lowering cholesterol.

A variety of has Jerusalem artichoke useful properties. And treatment of various diseases by medicines can be avoided if one knows how to use it correctly. Most of all, root crops are recommended to eliminate the ailments of the digestive system, which are chronic. Traditionally, the recommended intake of valuable root vegetables in the most critical season for health - spring and autumn. It is also needed in stressful situations, as well as in the presence of viral infections.

Jerusalem artichoke useful properties and treatments
In various dishes shows Jerusalem artichokebeneficial features. Recipes for their preparation are simple and accessible to any hostess. A spring salad is tasted. It is prepared from fresh Jerusalem artichoke, grated on a large grater (200 g), and finely chopped sorrel leaves (200 g), previously scalded with boiling water. Add the ground garlic clove to the mixture. Everything is filled with dressing for salad, which includes two tablespoons of vinegar (9%), 1.5 tsp. sugar and 0.5 tsp. salt, as well as water, through which the amount of these ingredients is brought to one hundred grams. To boiled, and also hot boiled fish it is possible to prepare a garnish from Jerusalem artichoke. In it, in addition to the medicinal root, there must be onion, horse-radish. Jerusalem artichoke is prepared with sandwiches and brewed soup.

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