Sadly, diabetes mellitus"Becomes younger" and covers an ever larger audience. Statistics say that in Russia officially registered diabetes patients are about 3.5 million, but the actual number of diabetics is approaching 9 million. The figures frighten, because according to the estimates of the World Health Organization, by 2025 the patients will be twice as much as the "sugar disease". To teach you how to eat (and generally live) a person who is at risk, courses for diabetics are open. The School of Diabetes Mellitus helps to make a correct diet, calculate the number of bread units in foods, teaches you to choose the right foods and prepare them.

What should a diabetic know about his illness?

Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes mellitus
As they say, who is forewarned is armed. And in order not to face the unknown danger with a seemingly innocuous title, one must imagine the causes of the onset of the disease and the methods of combating it. As you know, diabetes is a disease associated with a lack of production of insulin - the enzyme of the pancreas. Pathology is of two types. As a rule, the endocrinologist tells that it is possible to eat and drink with diabetes of one kind or another without fear, and what should be refrained from. Whatever it was, diabetes mellitus presupposes special conditions of nutrition and life of the patient. It must be remembered that an extra load on the digestive system and the body as a whole can lead to uncontrolled growth of sugar in the blood. This is fraught with complications, and if
school of diabetes
you are already sick or have a genetic predisposition to diabetes, it is better to strictly adhere to the diet.

What to eat diabetics?

Some food products are particularly valuableproperties that can reduce the sugar in the blood of the patient. For example, Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes is an indispensable product in the diet. Its ability to regulate fat metabolism, reduce blood sugar, reduce body weight in diabetics makes this product very useful for health. Using Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes, you can make your own diet - a full, nutritious, but without excess fat and carbohydrates, delicious and

that it is possible for diabetes mellitus

Salads from Jerusalem artichoke are dishes, not onlyactively lowering sugar, but also replenishing the body with potassium, magnesium, silicon and zinc. It contains fiber, inulin and pectin, capable of binding and removing from the body products of disintegration and disturbed metabolism. Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes mellitus promotes immunity and reduces the risk of infectious and viral diseases. In addition, inulin, contained in this product, actively stimulates the work of the intestine and liver. Using Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes mellitus, it is possible to achieve an improvement in the state of the vessels, which is the number one task for patients. The plant has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the body, so it is used to treat pancreatitis, gastritis, duodenitis, colitis and stomach ulcers.

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