Jerusalem artichoke is called in the people an earthen pear. This plant is extremely useful, on nutrition gives odds to many vegetables, and on the availability of vitamins is not inferior to the most popular products. Especially recommended dieticians include root vegetables, so similar in appearance to potatoes, menus to people with diseases of the endocrine system, and in the first place - to diabetics.

Soup with mashed potatoes

We offer you a delicious recipe of dishes fromJerusalem artichoke. This soup is puree, gentle in consistency, enveloping and nourishing action. For him you will need: root crops 500-600 g, 3 stems of leeks (take the white and light green parts), 2 cloves of garlic, a small onion, a celery stalk, 2 handfuls of thyme (leaves), 50 g of vegetable oil and a glass of cream . Naturally, we need salt - it is put to taste. And a little bit of hot pepper.

artichoke recipe
The recipe for Jerusalem artichoke recommends cookingIt's like this: peel the ground pear, cut into slices. Chop the leeks and the usual onions, as well as celery. Garlic chopped in a mortar. In the pan, pour in the oil, warm up, pour both kinds of onions and celery and on strong heat, quench them for 5-7 minutes. We continue to study the recipe for Jerusalem artichoke dishes. Sliced ​​the mentioned root, garlic and thyme, too, send it to a saucepan. Let all be fried again for the same time as above. Fire do not reduce. Now add a half or two liters of water, wait until it boils, and then reduce the gas to a minimum. Boil the soup for about half an hour (Jerusalem artichoke should become soft). Remove the pan from the heat, blend the ground with a blender until smooth. Salt, pepper, put on gas again to boil. At the final stage, the recipe of the dish (from Jerusalem artichoke) advises you to pour the soup for another 15 minutes, pour in the cream. Do not bring to a boil, cook another 2-3 minutes and remove from heat. The dish is served hot, with bread crumbs of bread.

Jerusalem artichoke with cheese

In contrast to potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, thoughcontains a large amount of carbohydrates, does not increase the level of sugar in the blood. Therefore, it is useful in any form, and to consume root vegetables in food should be more often. Recipes from Jerusalem artichoke for diabetics are diverse, and even the most common dish can be cooked so that you lick your fingers!

recipes from Jerusalem artichoke for diabetics
For example, everyone loves fried potatoes. And if instead of her fry our root? So, kilogram of ground pear peel, cut into mugs and fry in vegetable oil for 20 minutes, until golden brown. Salt, stir up. Sprinkle with grated cheese, cover and turn off the gas. Pepper and serve on the table.

Preparations from Jerusalem artichoke

And how to prepare for the winter Jerusalem artichoke? Photos, recipes for such dishes can be found on various culinary resources, we also offer this: a salad of root vegetables with lemon.

Jerusalem artichoke recipes
It requires: for 1 kilogram of Jerusalem artichoke we take 500 g of carrots, 1 citrus, salt and sugar to taste. Both root vegetables chop small chunks. Lemon grate (with skin), remove bones. Mix the ingredients, add salt and sugar, leave to let the vegetables have juice. Prepare small jars, sterilize. Distribute the salad according to the capacity, boil 10 (half-liter) or 20 (liter) minutes and roll.

He is such a wonderful - Jerusalem artichoke!

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