wax seal

We all know that for our relatives and friendsgifts made with their own hands are the most valuable than soulless souvenirs purchased in a supermarket along the way for bread or sausage. They are much more sincere and tender and just reflect your true attitude towards the person to whom it is meant. However, how to be, if you need to present a present to someone you practically do not know? For example, a colleague from a neighboring department or a girlfriend of your young man's brother, but who knows who it can be! Here, self-made masterpieces will obviously be out of place. There is only one way out - he and the entrance are in the store! Buy a nice bag and wax seal! What you choose to be a gift, it will be absolutely unimportant. The main thing is a stylish package with an old wax seal. That's where you can show your creative nature!

A bit of history

As you know, in the Middle Ages all the envelopessealed with wax seal. This was an indispensable ritual. They were made from tar or tar, white or yellow wax. Since then, people have sought to make seals stronger, adding to the composition of all new components - beeswax and mastic. Later, in the 16th century, people got acquainted with sealing wax, which completely replaced the wax seals. It was brought from China by Spanish navigators. After that, by the 18th century, sealing wax was used not only to seal important messages, but also to seal bottles and much more.

Let's return to modern packaging

So, you can make the most ordinary trinket with an unusual and stylish gift! We suggest you take the following items in the store:

  • wrapping paper or cloth (if your gift is already in the box), or a canvas bag (if it is not wrapped anywhere);
  • a gold lace (silver or other of your choice) or jacquard ribbons;
  • main ingredient ... wax seal with your unique monogram!

Such packaging will take care of all 100% of attention,so you do not have to worry about the fact that someone does not like the gift. People love fairy tales, and you just presented an exclusive thing, fanned by the magic of the distant past.

Wax seal

metal printing
Currently, there is a huge numbermaterials that perfectly cope with the quality imitation of this ancient print. It can be molten plastic instead of sealing wax, and the role of a stigma is perfectly played by the most usual buttons made of metal. All this can be easily found in any home box for needlework. However, if you want to make real wax seals, then you will need only three ingredients. It's simple!

  1. Metal printing. You can buy ready in the store, or you can order from the master your own exclusive. It can be depicted a beautiful monogram or your initials, as well as a wax seal happens with small thematic pictures. For example, for a wedding - pigeons or hearts, for the birthday - flowers and glasses with wine (or cognac - for men);
    wax seals
  2. Colored sealing wax. This is the main ingredient, so take it seriously to his choice. Color is very important. In the old days, a white wax seal on a letter meant that inside is an invitation to a wedding, and red is that inside the documents or some important news. The sealing wax itself is sold in pieces or granules. It also happens in the form of a candle - this is the most convenient option, since the process of melting is facilitated to ugliness. You just need to set fire to the wick and drip the sealing wax.
  3. Creative approach to gift design. Well, on the other hand, where without it! So, a little fantasizing and training, you will get a wonderful wax seal that will decorate any package. If desired, you can attach to it dried flowers or beads - it all depends on the case and your mood.
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