The history of the origin of seals and stamps goes awaytheir roots back in the Neolithic era, then their invention was associated with the desire to simplify the process of applying the pattern to different surfaces. Then, in the days of the early civilizations, stamps were used to verify the authenticity of a document. True, such a luxury as a personal seal, could afford a few: so costly and time-consuming was the work on their manufacture.

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As for Russia, the ancient chroniclestestify that with the help of seals since the tenth century princely agreements were assured. For example, the seal found during archeological excavations belonged to Prince Izyaslav.

Why prints today?

Nowadays the situation with stamps in the roothas changed. Today, any child of a kindergarten age will be able to tell you without hesitation about what a seal or stamp is. And it is not surprising, because the stamp products penetrated so deeply into the mechanism of modern document circulation, which became an integral part of it. The presence of a seal or stamp is a mandatory attribute for any official activity. This is dictated by the rapid development of business relations in recent decades and, as a result, the optimization of the document flow process. Any official document or extract, medical report, prescription - this is not a complete list of names of papers, where you can meet these round, rectangular or square ink prints in everyday life. Therefore, the issue of making a seal or stamp is paramount for the management of any company.

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What is compositing?

Fortunately, for making your own printingdo not necessarily go to a profile firm. In the assortment of stationery stores you will surely get a stamped rectangular or round print on the eyes. This device provides an opportunity to produce for yourself a seal with the content you need.

Standard kit consists of a casing withbuilt-in ink pad and tooling, which has a special grooved surface in the form of slots for letters, and also the cash register of letters and tweezers. Despite the standard of all sets, this type of seal is characterized by high security. The point is that the arbitrary slope of letters and the intervals between them given in the recruitment of inscriptions are almost impossible to repeat.

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What is convenient for typing?

  • When you buy typing seals and stamps, you will not be required to register documents on the company.
  • In our economically difficult time a littleSave typing will save typing. The price of this stationery varies from 10 to 30 y. e. (depending on the number of lines provided).
  • You will not take more than an hour to print, while the stamp manufacturing service in the relevant companies takes at least one day.
  • In case of change of information about the company (bankingdetails, contact phone or other coordinates) you do not have to produce a new seal: "with a slight movement of the hand" your stamp will turn again into the actual one.

How is the print typed?

Anyone who is interested in the question of how to dialtyping, we answer: it's very simple! To optimize this procedure, you will need a pencil (or PC with a text editor), a mirror and, in fact, a kit for assembly. And of course, the text you invented for printing. Below is the sequence of your actions.

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Algorithm for manufacturing typing

  1. On a sheet of paper or in a text editorwritten text that will be present on the print. If your printing is typed rectangular, then the text of each print line should also have its own line on paper (on the screen). For a round press, for each ring, there is a line.
  2. In each line, the central letter is highlighted. In a text editor, it's convenient to center all the text.
  3. We find in the cash desk the letter corresponding tothe center letter of the first line. We place it with tweezers in the center of the top line, if the print is set rectangular, or on any place of the outer ring, if it is round. In this case, the letter will set the top of the print.
  4. Further - it's easier. We move to the right and left, putting adjacent to the central letter.
  5. We continue to move to the sides in a similar way. To check the correctness of the set, use the mirror. The image in it will correspond to the received impression.
  6. Having finished the work on the top label, goto the bottom. In rectangular printing, it will be located, respectively, on the bottom line. In the round - at the very bottom of the outer semiring. As a rule, in round prints, this is the name of the city, telephone, OKPO code, etc. We also start with the central letter and move from it to the right and to the left.
  7. When this inscription is ready, go to the middle.

As you can see, nothing complicated. A little patience - and your seal is set rectangular or round ready!

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