Before you spend your advertising budget onprinting a brochure, even if you are offered to do so at a lower price, determine the target audience for your message and develop a marketing proposal. Only if you are 100% sure that your consumer or a person interested in your services will receive a ready-made printing product in hand, you can start preparing an advertising booklet.

In order for your creative idea to make sense, you should first understand what the brochure is.

Printing a Brochure
The brochure itself is a small printedEdition, which accommodates from 4 to 96 pages of format no more than A4. The most common example is the standard A4 sheet, bent double in width. Thus, in the end, you get 4 pages for printing your information.

But if everything was so limited, then printing promotional brochures would not be so popular.

Possible printing options

Printing of advertising brochures

  1. The digital printing of a brochure is rarely used inadvertising communication, because it implies a small number of copies. In this way, you can print a few black-and-white or color (depending on the technique) copies using a laser printer. On the other hand, if you, for example, prepare materials for a business presentation, digital printing will allow you to get several copies of a very high quality brochure.
  2. Offset printing is the most common waypreparation of advertising printing, because it allows you to optimally combine quality and price. At the same time professional offset machines are used. With their help, you will quickly get a large circulation. It is important to remember that printing brochures, leaflets in this way is justified only if you need at least 500 copies, since with the increase in circulation, the cost of one copy falls, and vice versa.
  3. Printing a brochure on a risograph can be gooddecision only in the case of a black and white layout. In this case, you actually get a photocopy of the layout with all its characteristics, but much faster and cheaper. Using this method, it is worth remembering that with graphic printing, graphic images can lose their quality due to poor transmission of hues and gradients.

If you want to get a multi-page brochure, you must also choose the method of attachment: on the bracket, on the spiral or on the hot glue.

  1. Brochures on hot melt are rarely used in advertising, since such fastening pulls for itself a minimal, but loss of advertising space.
    Print leaflets brochures
    Most often this method produces reference materials or full-fledged multi-page information booklets.
  2. The attachment of the pages of the brochure to theA popular way for advertising printing. In this case, the reader can fully expand the page, and for you it means an increase in the area for the message. However, the layout of a brochure with such a fixture should contain a number of pages that is a multiple of four.
  3. The latest trend of fashion in advertising printingbecame brochures on a spiral. A plastic or metal spiral not only helps to fasten a large number of pages, but can also serve as an additional element that attracts attention.
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