Advertising surrounds us everywhere. We watch TV behind a cup of coffee, we scroll through the social media newsletters, read a newspaper, we go to work in transport - everywhere we see the expressions of persons trained by shooting commercials, from everywhere appear prominent and not very firm slogans. Everyone tries to promote their goods, to bring to the consumer its necessity and indispensability. And who is engaged in all this design of cities and social life? In this article we will consider the advertising agencies of Moscow: the list, their directions and even a little look at the prices.

advertising agencies moscow list

What are advertising agencies

Advertising agencies in Moscow, the list of which will begiven below, quite broadly cover the service market. If you think that their task is only to print advertising brochures, you are deeply mistaken. Advertising - the widest niche, in which there are really many opportunities for implementation and directions. Advertising agencies in Moscow - the list is really huge. Therefore, we will break it into the provided services. But you will quickly be able to determine which of the advertising agencies in Moscow, whose list you read, is most suitable for you.

large advertising agencies moscow list

Outdoor advertising and advertising structures

The so-called billboards, signs,expensive, stands at the stopping complexes, illuminated boxes with advertising posters on lanterns and poles - all this is outdoor advertising. Which only options do not provide for agency designers for business clients. Bright representatives of outdoor advertising, often used in large cities: light boxes or so-called lightboxes, voluminous information signs, bulging text with backlight to choose from, installations on the roofs of buildings with illumination, pylons, banners, facade signs. Below are located, engaged in this, major advertising agencies in Moscow, the list is ranked in descending order.

  • Advertising and production company "CreativePark. "This company will create a design project, produce advertising materials on it, mount the structures designed for their location., Located at: 16/24 Pestovskiy Lane, Moscow, Metro Marksistskaya.
  • Advertising agency "Communication Group 2C". The whole spectrum of the services listed above in the paragraph is also executed by this company. They are located in Moscow at the address: Schelkovskoe highway, house 100, building 1, entrance number 3, floor 2, office 2021.
  • Another organization that deals with outdoor advertising is Inout Group. Located at: Moscow, st. Lobnenskaya 21, building 5, 2nd floor, office 27.

advertising agencies moscow list with phones

Advertising on cars and branding

Here is the next type of advertising services. There are two directions. First, you design your cars under the intended image of your organization (that is, your delivery service will speak outwardly to all passers-by and passing through about the existence of your business). Secondly - you place advertising material on public transport or other people's machines (accordingly, they must agree with this). These Moscow advertising agencies, the list with phones is presented below:

  • OOO Enigma PRO, is engaged in brandingcars, as well as large-format printing. The organization is located at the address: 125438, Moscow, Lane 4 Likhachevsky, 13, the territory of the plant MOSZ. Phone number +7 (499) 216-73-81.
  • The advertising agency "Lanomar" specializes inseveral types of advertising, but advertising on cars is their main direction. Located at: 107023, Moscow, M. Semenovskaya St. 3. Phone (495) 926-16-05
    (495) 234-03-65.

advertising agencies moscow list owners

Large-format printing and printing services

This type of advertising services implies printingbanners, streamers, booklets, various advertising materials. These include brochures, books in soft and hardcover, business cards, calendars and notebooks. All these things are used both to create a specific style of organization, and to inform stakeholders. Moscow advertising agencies - list, owners and contact details:

  • "Wow-banner" - is located: Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya street, 5a (building of the Young Guard). Office 421 (4th floor). Phone number +7 (495) 281-53-58 (multichannel).
  • "MosPechat" - is located at: 123308, Russia, Moscow, travel 3rd Silikatny, house 3, entrance 2, floor 1. Phone (499) 655-66-33.

advertising agencies moscow list with phones and addresses

Development of an individual corporate identity

Development of corporate identity is one of the main andthe broadest areas of advertising. It is with a recognizable and easily remembered, but thus unique and interesting logo begins any organization. To create a style you have to work a whole staff of specialists. Engaged in this advertising agencies in Moscow, a list with phones and addresses you can see below:

  • Creative agency "Logistiser". It is located at the address: 105005, Moscow, Bakuninskaya Street, 14, building 11. Phone: 8 (495) 940 82 15, 8 (499) 130-86-15.
  • Design studio "Novik". Located at: Moscow, st. Ordzhonikidze, 12, floor 1 (BC "Ordzhonikidze 12"). Phone number +7 (495) 665-03-04. The owner is Kurdyukov Valery.


Many companies use as an advertisingsmall gifts with the logo and symbols of their organization. For example, if you buy a certain amount, the client gets a mug, pen, notepad, calendar and any other item provided with the name of the donor company as a gift. Such an advertising move is a good solution when servicing other companies. It is possible that such a souvenir will be placed in the client's office, and already its customers will pay attention to the name. The following companies are engaged in production of such souvenirs:

  • The company "Riza" is located at: Moscow, Kozhukhovskaya metro station, 2-nd Yuzhnoportovy proezd, 5, bldg. 1. Phone: (495) 988-29-60.
  • The company "Venira" is located at: 117279, Moscow, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya, 32, building. 1 (office number 20). Phone: +7 (495) 979-00-34 (multichannel).
  • The company "Adverti" also produces various business souvenirs. It is located at: 127018, Moscow, ul. Складочная, д. 6, p. 4, floor 5, office 509. Phone: +7 (495) 739-90-80.
  • Advertising agency "Doctor Adver". Address: Moscow, Kostomarovsky pereulok, 3, building 1, office 209. Phone: +7 (495) 745-05-16, 943-95-54.

In addition to all the above directions,advertising agencies arrange various events and events under the brand name of the organization. It can be flash mobs, various actions, contests, surveys and simply parties with the obligatory presence of representatives of the company and their products.

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