Today it is impossible to imagine a business without advertising. The more thoughtful the advertisement is, the more accurately the strategy of advertising activity is developed, the higher the incomes and the more successful the business. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs understand this, and therefore often regret money to promote information about themselves, or are engaged in self-promotion.

Remember the saying about the stingy, who pays notonce? Saving on promotion and promotion often leads to losses. Therefore, remember: an advertisement, as well as the entire advertising strategy should be developed by a specialist. I'm not saying that this can not be learned. Can! And it is necessary! For those who want to add fame to their business on the Internet, a few proven tips.

Add an ad to the Internet. It is expensive?

To add an advert

This is the question most often asked by beginners,The first time faced with Internet advertising. I answer: it is not just inexpensive. On the web, you can place an ad for free. To do this, you need to type in the search engine "message boards", and then just fill out the proposed forms. With such a job, a first-grader can handle. It is much more difficult to write the right advertisement, which can arouse the interest and response of potential customers. For this you need to know certain requirements and rules. Failure to comply with them will leave unnoticed news even about the most profitable or exotic business.

How to write an ad

It is enough to observe only five rules in order to achieve the impact of the material posted on the web.

  1. Any ad should have a headline inwhich includes keywords. Key words are words by which people most often search for what is needed. In Yandex, they are usually highlighted in bold. The keys must match the most requested queries, which can be found in keyword statistics. Example. You can start the advertisement with the phrase "selling tables for a cafe." Visitors sent this request only 144 times. The query "Selling table" was interested in 6058 people.
  2. The same or similar keyword shouldrepeated several times in the ad itself. Their variants can also be searched in the statistics of queries. What am I talking about? For example, St. Petersburg-St. Petersburg-Sp-B, etc.
  3. If you decide to place an ad aboutyourself or your company, be sure to fill out all the necessary forms (for example, business cards), leave all contact information. It is necessary that your potential client can get the most reliable information as quickly as possible and check it. In addition, ads with a completed business card are published above the rest, in a separate color are highlighted on the map.
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  4. Use stimulating words (this techniquecalled Call to action). Do not pour water, write effectively, so that the client wants to call or come instantly. (Call right now! Come and get a discount! Etc.)
  5. Use the services of match operators that can make your ad as accessible to the widest possible audience.
  6. If, despite all the efforts, you can not master the science of writing ads, hire a specialist: the costs will be repaid quickly, and your business will become more profitable.
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