Beautiful manicured manicure is familiarphenomenon for women. Although sometimes found in men. You can see how the representatives of the stronger sex do not grow all, but only one nail on each hand. Most girls not only disapprove, but do not understand. They do not get tired of wondering why men grow their nails on their little fingers.

An excursion into the past

why men grow their nails on little fingers
Trying to understand why men grow their nails onlittle fingers, it is worth returning to the 17th century. At that time, such a tradition appeared among French aristocrats. Court etiquette required not to knock (as we do now), but gently scrape the door before entering the room.

In the 18th century, a long fingernail on the little finger allowedQuickly print out letters, if at hand there was no special device. At the same time, it was grown mainly on the left hand, as this finger is used less often on it. Accordingly, there is less chance of damage to the nail. This custom was maintained until the beginning of the 20th century. Later the tradition became irrelevant due to the fact that the wax seal was replaced with conventional glue.

why nail on little finger
At the beginning of the 20th century, pharmacies couldproblems to buy cocaine. He was a very effective anesthetic, so he was well relieved of dental or headache. However, some people used it for a different purpose. They sniffed cocaine to overcome depression, improve their tone, improve mental performance and wakefulness at night. For this purpose, this medicine was used mainly by creative people: musicians, artists, poets. They needed a certain dose to get the proper effect, without overdoing it. The necessary amount of cocaine just fit neatly on the inside of the nail. There was even a measure of the weight of nail (from English - "nail").

Such a convenient "device" for cocainehad a creative intelligentsia, so it becomes clear why men grow their nails on their little fingers. So they want to show their belonging to this circle of people. It was under the influence of this desire to distinguish the fashion went to a long nail. It was preserved until the 80s of the 20th century. Later such people were gradually "transferred".

a long fingernail on a little finger

Why do men grow their nails on their little fingers now?

It seems to be clear why the nail on the little finger needswas a man in the past centuries. But what is he for now? Today, when cocaine is already banned, and there is no wax seal, and the fashion is already gone, a long fingernail in men can look ridiculous and stupid. However, it can sometimes be seen. It is a kind of sign of people's belonging to the thieves' caste. On the one hand, it was possible to demonstrate that they were not involved in physical labor. On the other hand, it was believed that the nail can be used when opening the locks. Such skills, by the way, was possessed by Ostap Bender.

Now men seldom grow on a little fingernail. Each of them is guided by different reasons. Some believe that it can be conveniently used instead of a screwdriver in order to tighten small screws and screws. Others argue that it is great for a pencil at a construction site, to mark the risk of linoleum, plaster or board.

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