During the constant struggle for equality of the sexesthere was one seemingly insignificant thing: more and more representatives of the weaker sex began to wonder: "Why do you need a man?" Of course, in theory everything is clear, smooth and understandable, but in practice this issue is difficult for many. It happens that a pretty lady in all respects, who, apart from her appearance, has a rich inner world and is not deprived of intellect, just ceases to notice the male sex. And everything is fine in her life: she is satisfied with her career, is engaged in fitness, she goes out weekly with friends, attends various kinds of events. Everything is fine, except one. There is no intimate relationship, there is no husband, not even a lover. And all because such a woman sincerely does not understand why a man is needed.

why do you need a man

The Problem of Modernity

Unfortunately, now most of the valuesdistorted or completely eradicated. There are practically no people left who believe that the man is the breadwinner in the family, and the woman is the keeper of the hearth and comfort. It so happened that everywhere women, without realizing it, began to perform more roles and responsibilities than they were prescribed. And it is already believed that the fragile female shoulders will be able to feed the family or raise a child without male support and support. In the era of women's mass emancipation and feminism, you often find arguments about why a man in a woman's life is needed.

What can men give?

book why men are needed

No matter how strong and independentwoman, there are still things in the world, without which she can not feel full. First of all, this feeling of security. And do not need to say: they say, now men have gone such that there is no sense in these issues. So, you chose the wrong men. Knowingly they are considered a strong sex, because this force is not at all in physical or moral terms. She says that only with a man can a woman relax, give vent to feelings and emotions and be at least a little fragile and weak. In addition to this reason, do not forget that a woman always needs attention and affection. She just needs to feel welcome, otherwise she will wither like a flower without water. And who is able to give her these feelings and emotions, except for men? Who can go to the most incredible acts for the sake of his beloved, only in order to surprise her and make her happy? And after these arguments you still ask about why a man is needed?

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Think about everything in the world has its balance. A pair of opposites is the basis of the universe. And it's not even worth talking about how polar the women and men are. If you seriously think about the need for a stronger sex in your life, try to turn to literature. The book "Why Men Need" is practically a treasure for a woman who has lost faith. This is not just a collection of anatomical-psychological factors. This 13 novels, written, by the way, a man, about what these creatures are from Mars, what they breathe and how they live. After reading this book, you will certainly raise your mood and be able to change your thinking about this problem. Lightness and ease, subtle humor, along with real facts, harmoniously combines the book "Why Men Need". Read it should, perhaps, everyone, especially a woman who constantly doubts men.

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