why does an elephant need a trunk
One day I was walking around the zoo with my daughter. When we approached the aviary with an African elephant, my daughter asked me a question that at first glance seemed simple: "Mom, why does an elephant need a trunk?" I hurried to explain to her that these were his "hands". My daughter was quite satisfied with my explanation, but she did not. I was wondering what the full functionality of this simple organ, belonging to the largest terrestrial animal in the world, simply speaking, why the elephant trunk? Let's figure it out together!

Why does an elephant need a trunk?

I myself thought that this is the likeness of the hand, nose and lipsSimultaneously. After reading all kinds of literature, I realized that I was close to the truth. Comrades, it turns out, the elephant's trunk is quite multifunctional! About some of its destinations, you do not even guess!

Smell and lips

First of all, this, of course, is the sense of smell! The trunk is the nose of an elephant. Turning it in different directions, the animal easily recognizes various smells, another animal, a person or danger. In addition to the sense of smell, the trunk is used by the elephant and as a lip. With the help of it, the animal easily gets and puts food in its mouth.

"Hands" and "breadwinner"

why the elephant trunk
Perhaps the most important explanation is why the elephantNeed a trunk, this, of course, his second "hands"! As this herbivore, this "hand" allows a mammal to easily rip off leaves or whole branches from the upper tiers of trees, and also draw water from rivers and lakes. By the way, the latter is quite an interesting moment from the life of elephants. Many people are not so much interested in why an elephant needs a trunk, how many, why does it water itself from it? Friends, well, it's just that - it's the most common cooling shower, a forced measure on rather hot days, and as is known, in the permanent habitats of elephants - India and Africa - summer continues all year round ... But let's return to our "sheep". The trunk helps not only to tear off the leaves, but also to drive away various insects biting the ground giant. In addition, with the trunk, the elephant itches. By the way, all this explains why the elephant has a long trunk. Evolution is not slumbering! Short proboscis would hardly cope with the above tasks.


One of the important functions of the trunk inThe vital activity of this animal is the ability to defend itself from enemies. A multifunctional body is an enviable "weapon" against different enemies. I was interested to know that the blow from the elephant's trunk is so powerful that it sometimes leads to the instant death of its offender! But in most cases, this, of course, is just a disability.

Means of communication

With the help of the trunk elephants make different sounds,Help these animals communicate with each other. In addition, without him no marriage games are going on. It is this organ that the elephant conquers the position of the female ...

My trunk is my enemy!

why the elephant has a long trunk

When a person realized what a great functionalityhidden in a single elephant's organ, then, without hesitation, began to subordinate the animal to his will. For example, the English colonialists used the elephant and his trunk for a long time as a labor force. Little did they have blacks! The fact is that with the help of the trunk the elephant easily shakes the trees, carries heavy objects (for example logs), paving the way where there is a continuous impassability.

So we sorted it out!

That's it, dear friends, the trunk isa universal and vital organ of any elephant - both Indian and African! Now that I have a complete information picture, I can easily answer the question of my daughter!

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