The product line under the name "Lumiya"company "Nokia" has become a real breakthrough in the field of mobile devices. To be honest, sometimes it seems that the developers of the respective company always have at their disposal, let's say, in the bosom, some more trump cards. Yes, and we will not hide, the same peculiarity of the firm's marketing specialists. They already know exactly how to present the new product correctly to a wide audience of amateur users of the "Lumiya" series.

Promotion to the market

lumiya 540 reviews

As stated earlier, every time marketerscompanies "Nokia" use the weapon unknown to us, which allows to achieve almost the maximum effect from sales of smartphones of the corresponding lineup. The mobile Windows platform for portable devices slowly but inexorably spreads around the globe. There are all the reasons for this, and we can not fail to note it for justice's sake.

Not so long ago the company managed to master a new seriesdevices having a diagonal screen of 5 inches. Exclusively to complement the picture we give a concrete example of such a device. You can even call it the debut in the series. This is "Nokia Lyumiya 535". Again, if we turn to official data, sales were in full swing. The device was not just in demand. Many experts argued that the model has become an excellent proposal that takes place in the budget segment. Nevertheless, the screen resolution for such a diagonal (and it was 960 by 540 pixels) did not correspond to the declared level. That's why the company clearly saw the prospects that loomed on the horizon.

In general terms about the device

nokia lumiya 540 reviews

The phone "Microsoft Lumiya 540", reviews about whichthe reader will be able to read in this article, has become a logical continuation of the line. The company's engineers wanted to make the screen even better, but unfortunately they did not succeed. More specifically, it should be noted the wrong choice of the matrix. Many experts, after testing the novelty, agreed that it was better for the same 535-th model.

However, a tangible advantage (it can even becall competitive) was the HD-screen resolution. Interestingly, the "Nokia Lyumiya 640" and Lumia 540 were worth the same after the release to the market. This is a rather rare phenomenon, and this time it is connected with the economic situation. Nevertheless, in the latest model, the materials from which the case is made are much cheaper. It should be noted and less powerful processor. Performance is worse, and that's a fact. Reduced battery life. From sales "Nokia Lyumiya 540" retailers refused. It can be purchased only in the company's branded stores.

To be honest, the practical sense inthe acquisition of "Lumiya 540" was not, no, and most likely will not. It is better to take the corresponding analogue, which has already been mentioned above. The fate of the object of our today's review, probably, will be, one might say, unenviable. In the opinion of many experts who know smart phones, the situation with the device can only be saved by lowering its cost. In the rest, there are no exits yet.

Contents of delivery

microsoft lumiya 540 reviews

He is rather modest. In the box after buying the phone you will be able to find only the device itself, as well as vital accessories for it. This is a lithium-ion battery (capacity of 2,200 mAh), as well as a charger. Of course, the owner of the device will be able to find the instruction manual in the package.


nokia lumiya 540 reviews should I take

The dimensions of the device are quite averaged formodels with the appropriate screen diagonal. In all three planes, they are 144 by 73.7 by 8.6 millimeters. At the same time, the mass of the smartphone is only 152 grams.


Phone very well falls in the palm of your hand. Even with wet hands, he is unlikely to fall out. Therefore, here there are no complaints to the apparatus. There are no restrictions on wearing. Excellent device will hide in all pockets without exception.

"Nokia's Lumiya 540". Reviews

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"Should I take it?"- this question is of interest to many people who stare at the corresponding model. And their doubt in this regard is fully supported by practical reasons. But for now we need to decide on what kind of design the phone has, what kind of evaluation it can give.


smartphone mum lumiya 540 reviews

In general, the device was launched on the marketsmartphones in several colors. More specifically, it is orange, blue, white and black. But on the territory of the Russian Federation you can find only the latest version. This is a matte coloring. Probably, so it is made, because black - the most non-winning kind. In other words, so that the 640th and 540th models do not compete with each other.

Upper butt

Smartphone "Microsoft Lumiya 540", reviews about whichyou can read in this article, has a built-in 3.5 mm jack. It is provided for connection to the device of a wired stereo headset.

Bottom end

Here we have the most that there is an ordinary connector of the standard MicroUSB. It is used to synchronize the device with a personal computer or laptop.

Right edge

On the right side there is a volume rocker. It must be used to add or subtract the sound on the phone, and also to turn it into a silent or loud mode. There is also a power button on the device.

Back panel

Here is the speaker. Nearby there is a main camera lens and LED flash.

Disassembling the device

Open the phone will not be so difficult. The body stretches out quite simply. There is a feeling that this is nothing more than a cover. In general, such a design is very, very reliable. Her company has already tested on a large number of individual models. If you remove the back cover, then under it you can find a removable battery and connectors designed to install the SIM card and memory. Important: The slot is for MicroSIM cards.

Build quality

At first, the phone is pleased with this. However, later, crevices appear on the faces. It will not be too long before the hull begins to sway. The lid in the groove will start to get worse and worse. If you encounter this problem, check the location of the battery. It is possible that it is he who prevents the cover from slamming. Although it is possible that this is not the case. It is interesting that in fact the battery moves away from the contact, squeezing out the lid. But at the same time the phone continues to function successfully.

"Nokia's Lumiya 540". Reviews. Should I take it?

It's time to sum up the article and bring in the general form the owners' feedback. Or rather, their notes on the advantages and disadvantages of the model.

Positive moments can be called qualitysound in the device. In general, many models of the Finnish mobile company have good dynamics. And not only issuing "clean" sounds, but also making it loud enough. But as for the vibration with the incoming voice call, then the engineers did not finish it. Not to notice - it's easier than simple.

No more special advantages for the 540th modelno. At its price, much more could be expected. As stated earlier, there is no practical sense in acquiring this smartphone. The resolution of the front camera can, and makes some adjustments, but they are so miserable that they prefer to simply ignore them. Hardly because of this, someone will make their choice in favor of the model.

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