Smartphone "Microsoft Lumiya 640" specificationshas good. This model for communication is ideal. First and foremost, it is important to note the multifunctionality of the smartphone "Microsoft Lumiya 640". The price for it in different stores can vary significantly.

The smartphone's design is standard, particularly strongthe body is not allocated. Dimensions of the model has the following: height - 141.3 mm, width - 72.2 mm, and the thickness of the presented device - 8.8 mm. The display has 5 inches, and the resolution is at 1280 x 720 pixels. For video shooting, the specified model can be used. It's worth the smartphone "Microsoft Lumiya 640" (market price) for today about 9500 rubles.

microsoft lumiya 640 specs

Filling the device

The filling of the presented phone is installedserious, so the "Microsoft Lumiya 640" specifications is high. First of all, it is important to mention the qualitative thyristor block. It is installed in this model on a pair of traverses. If you believe the feedback of experts, the capacitor is used with high bandwidth, so "Microsoft Lumiya 640" reviews are good.

The converter is of the standard type. High performance of the system is provided by using a two-junction modulator. The diode bridge in the device "Microsoft Lumiya 640 XL" - on semiconductors.

Tools for communication

For comfortable communication with your friends smartphone"Microsoft Lumiya 640 XL" fits well. Tools in it for sending messages the manufacturer provides quite a lot. To use the Internet in the device there are many browsers. They are supported almost all types. In order to manage bookmarks, you must go to the general settings. It should also be noted that in this model you can send standard messages through the main menu.

Language or font size while changing quitejust. Objects in the message have the ability to insert different. In addition, this smartphone has Bluetooth, which is well suited for data transfer. Customize its settings for the user there is an option from the hardware tab.

ms lumiya phone 640

Which camera is installed?

The camera in this device featuresgood. In this case, the noise reduction function is available. Also, it should be noted that the resolution of video files in the presented model can be adjusted. Directly, the video encoding option is configured through the accessibility tab. Autofocus in the specified device is installed. The shutter sounds are adjusted in the main menu. If necessary, the settings are reset. Switch to the camera can be through the main menu. Also it should be noted that the camera in this model is equipped with a high-quality zoom.

microsoft lumiya 640 xl

What do they say about the camera?

About the camera device "Microsoft Lumiya 640" reviewsthere are very different. If we talk about shortcomings, it is important to note a small brightness parameter at the level of 30 cd. In addition, there are certain problems with the flare in the specified device. However, you can adjust it by increasing the contrast. In this case, the dimming parameters are set. There are five modes in the presented modification. The sepia effect in the specified model is activated via the main menu. The alignment of the photo is carried out both horizontally and vertically.

The user also has the ability to configuresaturation. The minimum video resolution is set via the device settings tab. Noise reduction mode is activated by default. Light sensitivity, unfortunately, this model does not have a choice. At night, this camera does well. The flash in the model works well and fails seldom. Also it should be noted that in the device "Microsoft Lumiya 640 Dual" there is an option for smoothing the bands. Thus, the blur in the image is an option to clean.

microsoft lumiya 640 lte

Media Player Features

The phone "Microsoft Lumiya 640" player hasquite high quality. For rest, it fits perfectly. In this case, the user has the possibility to adjust the sound parameters quite accurately. In this case, the modes "stereo" and "mono" are provided by the manufacturer. The search for devices for playback by the system is automatic. The function of adding video clips in the player is available. Also it should be noted that the presented model is capable of playing melodies of MP4 format.

The interface in this case the user canchange. The background image changes to any photo from the gallery. If we talk about control, then the buttons are standard, and they are located at the top. At the same time, the music track is centered. Search by name is done through the options tab. Visual images in the phone "Microsoft Lumiya 640" loaded quite a lot.

Microsoft Lumiya 640 price

What are the reviews about the media player?

About the player in the smartphone "Microsoft Lumiya 640"reviews are also different. In this case, music hangs are rare. However, the braking of large tracks does happen. The function of repeating the melody in the player is available. The buttons in this case are pretty comfortable to press. If you believe the reviews of consumers, the albums look nice, there is a lot of information on them on the display.

What's in the kit?

In the set of specified device useris able to find quite high quality headphones. The case for "Microsoft Lumiya 640" is presented in book type. In this case, the flash drive in the set is as much as 20 GB. Replacement battery, unfortunately, is missing. A disk with the driver for installation is available. Charging is enclosed with a long cable. According to the owners, it is comfortable to use, and the nest never departs. Also it should be noted that many people buy the case for "Microsoft Lumiya 640" separately. In general, the box of the model in appearance is beautiful.

General settings

How to set the melody to "Microsoft Lumiya 640"? This and many other questions are sure to excite the users of the phone. In fact, in the configuration of this model is fairly simple. Melody to call the user has the ability to install any through the main menu. The vibration parameters can also be adjusted to their needs. Memory monitoring is evaluated through the device tab. In addition, it should be noted that contacts in this model are regulated separately. Local groups can be created in the gadget under consideration. The modes are selected in the corresponding tab.

Special abilities

Smartphone "Lumiya 640" from other modelsdiffers advanced settings. In this case, the user is even able to manage the device's passwords. At the same time, work reports can be viewed through the main menu. The screen area in the phone can be adjusted. Also, the user is invited to independently set transitions scales. If necessary, the display formats are selected in the hardware tab. The screen size can be adjusted from the main menu. To determine dummy file locations, you need to start the application protection function.

Display settings

The display in this smartphone is prettysimply, and the functions for this manufacturer are many. First of all, it should be noted that you can adjust the standby mode in the specified model. The font size can be set by the user from the General Settings tab. If you believe the reviews of owners, then you can appoint time from sleep mode. The border alignment feature is available for this smartphone. Also, it should be noted that the presented model is distinguished by simplified settings of the appearance of the quick access panel. In this case, applications can be transferred to the screen as you like (usually users put those that are most often used).

case for microsoft lumiya 640

What applications are there?

To familiarize yourself with the applications of thissmartphone, you need to go to the main menu. By default, this device has quite a few different programs installed. First of all, the device has applications for the security of the system. The anti-virus of the model works the "Doctor Web" series. In addition, the smartphone has various programs for testing the device, so "Microsoft Lumiya 640" reviews get good.

The phone uses a file manager. To increase system performance, it is necessary. Games in the device loaded a lot. In particular, it should be noted a lot of card applications. Additionally there are various racing and arcade games. A separate program is provided for searching utilities in the system.

microsoft lumiya 640 reviews

Device Organizer

Organizer in the device "Microsoft Lumiya 640LTE "is quite interesting, in particular, it should be noted a multifunctional calendar.If you believe the reviews of consumers, then the notes in it are easy to make.However, for the planning of business meetings, this calendar fits well.The recorder and the timer in the device are also available.The stopwatch in the Microsoft Lumiya model 640 LTE "is installed the most usual.Currency converter is present.If you believe the reviews of consumers, then the alarm clock is configured quite simply.

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