"Nokia Lyumiya 630", the characteristics of which weLet's analyze in this article, has become a sufficiently sold product of Microsoft. What can you say about this smartphone? I would like to note the multifaceted color design. Almost everyone will be able to choose the color of the panel, which will really appeal. Secondly, we can say that the device is very easy to use due to optimization of some interface elements. Of course, we will not forget about the presence of proprietary software solutions, including such attributes as, for example, the cloud storage One Drive. Well, now let's talk about the characteristics of a smartphone.


nocturnal lumiya 630 specifications

The device works in UMTS mobile bands andGSM. "Nokia Lyumiya 630", the characteristics of which we are considering, can provide the owner of the device access to the international network. For this, 3G, GPRS and EDGE technologies are used. You can always use your device to distribute the wireless network to third-party devices. To do this, you can apply the function of using a smartphone as a fixed modem. Thus, you can specify the network name and password or leave the identification of subscribers open. It should be noted that not only other phones can join, but also tablet, personal computers, and also laptops. Nevertheless, for successful use of "Lumiya" as a modem in it will have to install a SIM card, which will be attended by Internet settings. The owner of the phone can exchange multimedia data with other devices wirelessly by using the "Bluetooth" function. If we talk about the operation of the Wi-Fi module, it supports such ranges as b, g, n. The e-mail client is already embedded in the software shell for the corresponding purposes. For operations with multimedia files, it is possible to synchronize with a personal computer. In this case, use the connector of the standard MicroUSB.


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The screen matrix in the phone "Nokia Lumiya 630",the characteristics of which are not distinguished by something special, is made using IPS technology. In practice, we will notice this not always, and yet the eyes will tire less than when working with phones whose screens are equipped with different matrices. It will be very convenient to use the device at night reading. The display diagonal is 4.5 inches. The resolution is only 854 by 480 pixels. The screen can display up to 16 million colors, so there is reason to believe that there are no serious problems with color reproduction. The capacitive touchscreen display supports the multitouch function. It allows the screen to process several touches at the same time. It is very convenient when scaling images. By the way, in the device "Nokia Lumiya 630", the characteristics of which appeared on the network shortly before its official announcement, the screen is covered with a protective glass of Gorilla Glass of the third generation.


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The resolution of the main camera module isfive megapixels. In principle, we can say that the device makes good pictures. However, they are, of course, far from perfect. It is simply impossible to say anything about detailing. Everything, probably, depends on conditions in which shooting of certain object is carried out. The resolution of the photographs is 2592 by 1944 pixels. A good role was played by the function of automatic focusing on the subject of photography. The video is recorded as HD (1280 by 720 pixels). The frame rate is 30 pieces per second.


Nokia Lumia 630 Instruction

"Nokia Lumiya 630", reviews about which you canfind at the end of the article, is equipped with not the most powerful stuffing. At the same time, it allows the device to work smoothly even in multitasking mode. In the role of the processor this time we have a Qualcomm chipset. This is the Snapdragon 400 model. Inside the processor there are four cores, which operate at a clock frequency of 1200 megahertz. The amount of internal memory is only 512 megabytes. This, of course, is not enough. Flash memory for storing personal multimedia files is available 8 GB. You can expand the standard volume by installing a MicroSD card. External storage up to 128 GB is supported.

Multimedia features

 how to set up a Nokia 630 lumiya

Phone "Nokia Lumiya 630" nothing in this regardnobody will be surprised. In the software shell built-in players that can play both music and video. The owner of the phone can not only use the standard melodies, but also use their personal ringtones to put them on a voice call. The device has a port for connecting a 3.5 mm wired stereo headset. It is also needed in order to listen to analog radio. And, of course, there is a dictaphone.

Completion of the device "Nokia Lumiya 630"

- Instruction.
- Phone.
- Battery (designed for a capacity of 1830 milliamps per hour, lithium-ion type).
- Removable panel.

Conclusion and feedback

Many users are wondering howcustomize the "Nokia Lumiya 630". In fact, you can adjust all necessary elements with the help of the appropriate menu, and the tile on the desktop of the device changes for every taste. What can you learn from the responses of people who purchased this model? Explicit positive features, they call though not original, but unusually colorful design with a large selection of available colors. Four cores provide smooth operation and good performance in games. Although this feeling is corrupted due to 512 megabytes of RAM. The operating system of the new version is also good. The diagonal of the screen is chosen very successfully, meeting the general standards.

What is not pleased users? Firstly, it is again the same 512 megabytes of RAM. Secondly, the main camera module is not equipped with a flash. Significant minus. Another significant drawback is the lack of a front camera.

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