Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo - forward / forwardMadrid "Real" and the national football team of Portugal. And, without any exaggeration, the biography of Cristiano Ronaldo is the story of the modern genius of football. In his 28 years he has collected a lot of team and personal trophies, has repeatedly been recognized as the best player in the world.

Life path of a boy with a football nameRonaldo began in sunny Portugal, on the island of Madeira. At parents it was the fourth child. To play football on a professional level Cristiano started in 2002 as part of one of the three great Portuguese football clubs - Lisbon "Sporting". A year later, the biography of Cristiano Ronaldo replenished with an interesting fact - the game of the football player drew attention not someone, but Sir Alex Ferguson. As it turned out, drew not in vain, and the new season2003-2004 the sportsman started already in a red T-shirt "Manchester United". Even the youngest fan saw him as a replacement for star David Beckham, who after many years in the English club decided to move to the Madrid "Real". Looking ahead, let's say: Ronaldo after 6 years in the English club will also become part of the "Galactikos".

Cristiano Ronaldo years

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo for the period,held in the "Manchester", replenished with 196th official matches in which the leader of the attack, "mankuniantsev" spent 84 goals. Under the leadership of Alex Ferguson, a football player from a frail teenager turned into a nightmare of any defender from European championships. Ronaldo collected a lot of titles, including the main European trophy - the UEFA Champions League trophy, and went to conquer Spain. The time for this was chosen as best as possible. The above-mentioned Becks at that time already went to finish the game in the States, and the presidency of the "creamy" Florentino Perez returned. He craved trophies and new stars in the composition, which, in fact, was ready to spend millions. It can not be said that wages were the determining factor in the transition to Cristiano Ronaldo. The biography of his Manchester years is full of trophies and profitable financial contracts, so he rather went to Madrid in search of new incentives. "Real" became a real challenge for the already-risen star of world football.

The owner of "creamy" has not lost. Ronaldo's star in Madrid shone with renewed vigor, he has long and firmly become a leader in the field and in the locker room. And with Mourinho and Ancelotti, his place in the starting lineup is not discussed, unless the player himself needs a rest or misses the match. Biography Cristiano Ronaldo now works for the guy himself - on only one percent of the T-shirts and sponsorship contracts sold by the club, he could live comfortably until the end of his life, but the player does not rest on his laurels. A vivid confirmation of this is the balls scored for "creamy". And their average of more than one per game - a convincing indicator, is not it?

Cristiano Ronaldo biography

There are already a few European andof the world forums, we hope, in the future, as much. And even when Cristiano Ronaldo in 7-8 years will make the decision to finish the career of a professional player, the world will long remember this great, extravagant and unordinary personality, a football player with a capital letter.

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