Especially melodious are the verses of thisthe great poet. They flow like a song, and in each line you feel a great love for your native places. What a pity that he left us so young! After all, how many sincere and sincere works he could still create!

biography Esenina short
Yesenin's biography is short, but very rich. He seemed to be in a hurry to live, anticipating that he did not have much time. The future poet was born with a thin and very vulnerable soul in the Ryazan province on September 21, 1895. The peasants of the village of Konstantinovo were his parents, but from an early age he was brought up by his grandfather, the mother's father. He was prosperous, enterprising and very intelligent, he loved church books. He instilled in the boy a love for his native nature and art.

Sergei Esenin: short biography

The poet's education consisted of four classesa village school, a church and a school in Spas-Klepik. In 1912, he moved to Moscow, where he took a job. Yesenin's biography is a short story about active life, about following a dream. Along with working in a bookshop, a printing house, he is engaged in a literary and musical circle, attends lectures.

biography Esenina short

Publications of the young poet appeared in Moscoweditions in 1914. A year later, already in Petrograd, he met the best poets of that time: S. Gorodetsky, A. Blok, N. Klyuev. He was enthusiastically received in the literary environment of the then capital. And in 1916 Radunitsa was published - Sergey's first collection. Yesenin, whose brief biography is considered in this article, served in the tsarist army. But even then he continued to publish his poems and poems.

Biography of Yesenin: a brief history of personal life

It is worth noting that women have always drawnattention to a handsome guy who could speak lyrical and beautiful words. He had a civil wife, Anna Izryadnova, who gave birth to his son Yuri, from 1917 to 1921 Yesenin was married to actress Zinaida Nikolaevna Reich, from whom he had a son and daughter, as well as the famous dancer Isadora Duncan. There were women with whom he was associated with a close friendship, a short-term relationship. But none of them could not save the poet from depression and loneliness.

Esenin biography brief
Working hard at the poems, Yesenin has a lottraveled to Russia and the world. His last family with Sophia Tolstoy, the granddaughter of a great writer, broke up very quickly, as Sergei constantly left, fled from himself and from the authorities. But all her future life the woman devoted to the memory of the poet, collecting information about him, his works, writing his memoirs.

Mysterious death of the poet

Yesenin's biography is concise: she broke off in the thirtieth year of his life. On that cold December morning (and the poet died on December 28, 1925) he was found hanged in a hotel room of the Angleterre Leningrad institution. The fatal loop was attached to the steam heating pipe. The investigation came to a common opinion: suicide, especially since a week earlier Esenin underwent treatment in a psychiatric hospital. However, much later, suggestions were made about the intentional killing of the poet. But as it was in fact, for certain it is not known. And the establishment of historical truth will not return a talented person, even with a very unsweetened character. The last shelter Yesenin was a piece of land at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

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