Everyone since the school is familiar with the biography of Lermontov. The most important thing that can be said about this person is a well-known talented poet, a real officer, an adorable prose writer and even an artist.


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Mikhail Yuryevich was born in 1814,it happened on October 3 in the capital. The father of the future writer brought his wife to give birth to Moscow from a small village. On the twentieth day after the birth of the boy dubbed, and his godmother became his godmother. Lermontov's biography informs about it more than once. The most important thing that can be given to a child is given to him by the grandmother. She insisted that the boy be called Michael, provided him with a good upbringing. Elizabeth Arsenyevna loved her grandson passionately and selflessly. When he was ten, Grandmother took Misha to the Caucasus. And a couple of years later, the future writer goes to Moscow to prepare for entering the noble board, which functioned at the Moscow State University. It was in the boarding house that Mikhail began to write poetry, he was very fond of reading, studying various sciences.

Education and studies

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At the age of 16, Mikhail entered theuniversity in the capital. And his talent begins to take shape and quickly mature. He did not manage to finish university, Lermontov decides to leave it in 1832. The poet goes to St. Petersburg. He wanted to continue his studies there. But the university refused to count the two years that he was a student in Moscow. Mikhail again refused to go back to the first year. Lermontov's life (a biography about this testifies) makes a sharp turn. He becomes a pupil of the School of Junkers and Sub-Ensigns. In the next couple of years, the poet did not write poetry, but created a historical novel, which, however, never finished. Further, Mikhail is enlisted in the hussar regiment. It has not been published for a long time. When Alexander Pushkin died tragically in the duel, Lermontov was deeply shocked. This grief gave the world a famous poem by Mikhail Yurievich. Then came the arrest of the poet and the trial. Mikhail was rescued again by his grandmother with his secular ties. Alexander Sergeevich's friends also rose to defense. As a result, the poet Lermontov (a biography tells about this) was demoted to ensigns and transferred to serve in the Caucasus. There he did not stay long, but this time was enough for the poet to imbue with the atmosphere and nature of the mountainous terrain. In the future, this can be clearly seen in his works.

Creativity and further ups and downs of the creator's life

poet Lermontov biography

Lermontov returned to St. Petersburg and continuedcreate. It was thanks to the trip to the Caucasus that he created the immortal works "Demon" and "Mtsyri". And the result of writing the poem "The Death of a Poet", which caused so many problems, becomes Lermontov's admission to a circle of friends and comrades of Pushkin. Thanks to this Michael begins to be published.

Then he takes part in a duel. The event was organized without victims, but the poet is again sent to the Caucasus (this reflects the biography of Lermontov). The most important consequence of this event is that Mikhail begins work on the novel "The Hero of Our Time". The work was subsequently published in the form of short chapters, and only then completely. During the life of the poet, only one of his poems in 1840 was published.

Lermontov's life was tragically cut short in a duel. He died just like his idol - Alexander Sergeyevich. In the cold winter of 1841, the greatest man who gave the world many immortal works did not become. At least a brief biography of Lermontov (the most important of his life) should be known to every cultural person.

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