The spine is the foundation of our life. It is a pillar on which the health of the body is maintained. The more symmetrical the spine - the better the internal organs function, the more flexible and mobile - the better the organs of perception of the external world. That is why the health of the musculoskeletal system is the mainstay of the normal functioning of the human body.

Haykun: what is it?

aikuna gymnastics

Haykun - gymnastics for the spine, capable ofgive him flexibility and health. The very name of the gymnastics is literally translated literally, because it has a profound meaning. It can be expressed approximately as follows: "Listen to your body and follow it."

Abai Emshi, a healer from Kazakhstan, developedthis returning to life complex of exercises. He himself was seriously injured after participating in the war in Afghanistan. Abai long searched for a system that could bring him back to a full life. He studied the system of healing folk bone chiropractors, gradually adding knowledge to one holistic philosophy of health. Haykun - gymnastics, which includes more than 1000 exercises!

The effectiveness of gymnastics aikune Abai firstproved itself. Then he began to help thousands of people who want to live a full life again. In 1998 he was recognized as one of the best healers in Russia. In many cities, health centers began to open, practicing this approach to healing the spine.

Haykun: health benefits

Gymnastics affects the body as a whole. This is because each organ is associated with a specific vertebra. For example, the first is connected with the organs of hearing, the second - of vision and so on. That is, restoring the health of each vertebra in particular and the symmetry of the spine as a whole, manages to improve human health. Haykun - gymnastics, which can significantly improve blood circulation, blood flow to internal organs, strengthen the muscular framework. Plus, the immune system begins to protect the body in full force.

gymnastics aikun exercise complex

This effect is achieved by softstretching muscles. During gymnastics, full psychological concentration is practiced. The work includes even deep muscles, which in everyday life are usually not used. Frozen, chronically tense muscles relax, the nerve endings that have been squeezed are released.

Who shows aikuna?

If you want to be healthy, then you need toaikuna. Gymnastics, whose exercises are aimed at restoring health, will suit both those who already have serious problems, and those who believe that the best treatment is prevention.

The very first exercises are able to performpeople even with serious impairments. Even after the second lesson, a person feels how the exercises are given more freely, and is ready to move on to more complex ones. Aikuna gymnastics for the spine is available to everyone. Every day to manage your body becomes easier and easier.


How and how each system of health recovery,aikuna - is not universal, and there are people who will not only not help classes, but will also harm them. To begin practicing this gymnastics is necessary after consultation with the expert and under the supervision of the trainer. Instructors say that aikuna - gymnastics, which has no contraindications. However, common sense and luminaries of medicine suggest that exercises should not be performed when:

  • Malignant tumors, especially in the spine.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Acute flow of infectious diseases.
  • Severe mental disorders.

Gymnastics Aikuna: Exercises

A careful and conscious approach is the main principleaikuna. Gymnastics, the exercises which are complicated by increasing, can be performed for 10 minutes, and maybe an hour. It all depends on the level of your training and your health.

aikuna gymnastics exercises

  1. Exercise 1. Sit on a chair. The feet are parallel to each other, in line with the shoulders. Slowly straighten your back. Having reached the maximum, stay in this position for 3-4 minutes. Every day, increase the time of the exercise.
  2. Exercise 2. Keeping a flat back, slowly and gently bend in the lumbar region.
  3. Exercise 3. The back is straight. Try to bend the chest as much as possible. Hold in this position. There may be burning sensation in the spine.
  4. Exercise 4. By doing this exercise, you do notonly strengthen the muscular back skeleton, but also help the body get rid of toxins, which will improve the performance of the immune system. Position, as in the previous exercise. The back is flat, the chest is pulled forward, while the maximum retracts the stomach. Hold in this position for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Exercise 5. We continue to hold the previous pose. Now try to maximally move the blades to each other. Through this exercise, you can improve blood circulation and improve skin tone.
  6. Exercise 6. And now repeat the blades, only the stomach is relaxed this time.

gymnastics aikuna for the spine

Doctors recommend to do their health notthen, when there are acute and chronic diseases, and even in the period of health. Gymnastics aikune - a set of exercises, fulfilling which, you will gain health for many years.

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