To help the future parturient physically and physically breathing exercises for pregnant women.

Respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women
Exercises help a woman constantlymaintain the form and simultaneously prepare for childbirth, increase the mood. Experts say that breathing exercises for pregnant women is also a prevention of complications of childbirth and pregnancy. But there are cases when it is categorically forbidden because of various problems that concern health. Such problems can be increased tone of the uterus, fetal cord embryos and many others. Respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women requires a special approach, before it starts, one must always get the recommendations of the attending physician. If the state of health of a pregnant woman worsens, the gymnastics must be stopped immediately.

Gymnastics for pregnant women at home

Exercises are selected individually,considering the age of the pregnant woman, her physique. Mainly pay attention to the correct load on the muscle groups that will participate in the delivery process. The task of the exercises in the early stages of pregnancy is the training of proper relaxation and muscle tension, proper breathing. This will help prepare the body, heart, blood vessels for the upcoming load. In the process of performing gymnastics, the pulse, breathing, blood pressure both before and after classes are mandatory. Experts recommend a full set of exercises for no more than 30 minutes. Respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women is held in a leisurely pace and a calm atmosphere.

Gymnastics for women in an interesting position at home

In order to teach your body to relax,it is necessary to begin training with the relaxation of the muscles of the face, as well as the lower and upper extremities. This complex of exercises is recommended to be sitting, in a comfortable position for a pregnant woman. To date, very common gymnastics for pregnant women at home, it is preferred by 50 percent of women. A full set of exercises for pregnant women includes a number of different exercises to relax, stretch and strengthen the muscles of the body. Occupation at home can last no more than 20 minutes. Women can begin to do gymnastics at home from the first days of pregnancy and in time gradually change the load on the body.

Gymnastics of yogis

breathing exercises of yogis

Yoga of India created a special kind of respiratorygymnastics, which was called "pranayama". The name itself consists of two parts: "prana", which means "energy of life", and "pit" - "delay". The breathing exercises of yogis "pranayama" is a breathing control system with a pause. Yogis believe that this exercise can enhance the circulation of vital energy in the human body. The breathing exercises of yogis are valuable for their purifying effect, it strengthens and stimulates the nervous system, tones up and revitalizes the respiratory organs. The basic techniques that she uses are breathing in the nose, stomach, holding the breath at various intervals.

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