We are looking for ways to lose weight. But even after weight loss there may be other problems - sagging skin, cellulite, wrinkles. Lose weight need right, while saturating the body with oxygen. Before the breathing gymnastics bodyflex will be considered by us, let us recall a few myths.

Mythical side of losing weight

Myth number one: lose weight in some places. A common desire: "I want to lose weight in the sides, stomach and inside of the thighs." Ask any nutritionist or trainer about this. Swing the press at least until it turns blue - you lose weight entirely, and not just in the abdomen.

Myth number two: shaking the press, squeezing, crouching and so on,of course, you pump up muscles and even slightly can burn fat, but without cardio loads your muscles will not appear under a layer of fat. So, for example, that people could see your press, the layer of fat should be no more than two centimeters.

Myth number three: fat burners will help you. Undoubtedly, you will lose weight, but ... The health impact will be felt. The hormonal system, the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, liver and other organs will gradually fail. Remember the film "Police Academy". There was filmed such a tall black actor, whose character was called Hightower. So, in real life, this giant struggled with obesity and took fat burners. He died at the age of sixty-six years from an overdose of enzymes that were contained in such drugs.

breathing exercises bodyflex marina korpan

Breath exercise bodyflex

It is believed that running or strength exercises do not givethe body with the necessary oxygen saturation. Breath exercise gymnastics has several advantages. The first is the saturation of the body with oxygen, thanks to which the question of cellulite is perfectly solved. In addition, oxygen allows you to fight wrinkles. Well, if we consider that we need bodybuilding breathing exercises for weight loss, then we will not get pumped up, but an elastic and tightened body. For example, you have fat deposits in the hips, but with the hands all right. Respiratory gymnastics bodyflex (Marina Korpan is the author of the technique) makes the muscles elastic, forcing them to get used to the fact that they must be tightened. That is to a greater extent this stretching of the muscles. The difference lies in the fact that with force loads, tissues are ruptured and then overgrown. So the volume is typed, and bodyflex without breaks acts on fabrics, stretching them. They restore their appearance again. As a result, the body becomes so accustomed to this that the work of muscles with time becomes automatic and continuous.

breathing exercises bodyfly reviews


Breath gymnastics bodyflex reviewsvarious. But in their majority they are positive, indicate the effectiveness of the exercises. Many correct the figure and health at the same time.

You do not need a lot of time for classes -about fifteen minutes a day. Reviews indicate weight loss up to fifteen centimeters in volume, and if without diets - up to five. This gymnastics rejuvenates the face and neck with certain exercises. And, of course, I am happy about the absence of age restrictions.

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