Thailand recently attracted Russians,Ukrainians and other residents of the former USSR with an accessible exotic, the opportunity to sunbathe in the winter, and taste local cuisine that leaves an unforgettable impression. But there is one city that almost no tourist will miss, coming to Thailand - Bangkok. The capital's hotels are waiting for those who gathered on the islands or in Pattaya, north or south, to the green jungles of Krabi or the royal resort of Hua Hin. And all because this city is the beginning - and often the end of the trip to Thailand. It is good to wait for acclimatization and transition to another time, as well as to see the sights of the "City of Angels" along the way.

Where to live?

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There are a lot of answers to this question. Hotel reservation in Thailand is possible through the travel agency, and through various sites, and directly. Offers range from chic five-star skyscrapers to modest guesthouses. But independent travelers, as a rule, recommend saving money for living in Bangkok, so they can usefully spend it on shopping, sightseeing or entertainment on the beaches. Therefore, they advise to pay attention to budget hotels and guesthouses. About one such popular hotel, and what guests are talking about about it, we'll tell you below.

Bella Bella - reviews about location and pricing

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All popularity ratings for cheap accommodation inBangkok beats the famous Khaosan Road Road. This is a real paradise for backpackers (it's usually called tourists who are looking for cheap but decent rooms.Bella Bella Riverview (the full name of the hotel) is one of those places right on Khaosan.The prices here are very good - they start from two hundred and fifty but in the capital of Thailand, cheap accommodation is considered, which starts from three hundred baht.Therefore all local attractions can be reached by buses (air-conditioned and without) is also not very expensive.Mostly not far from the boat station from where you can get to the center of Bu kvalno for a penny.

«Bella Bella» - reviews about accommodation conditions

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Many tourists believe that this guesthousein general is the best of its kind in the capital of Thailand. Judge for yourself: towels are included in this price, there is a window in the room (which is not always available in small hotels of this kind), a fan, a shower, and even a refrigerator (the latter is very important, because the heat is hot, and cool drinks should be stored somewhere) . Quite a number is a store from the network "Seven-Ileven", where there is almost everything you need "Farang" - this is how they call "white" tourists, and they themselves are for happiness.

Bella Bella - service reviews

Guests who have been to the hotel are surprised that hevery new, clean and nice, and the staff is polite and speaks English perfectly. True, "wy-fay" in the guesthouse is paid, but based on the price for accommodation, all together goes very budget.

"Bella Bella" - reviews about comfort

Despite its location on the livelyKhaosan Road, almost in the center of a buzzing capital, nothing disturbs your sleep. The hotel is quiet and peaceful, under the windows there are no noisy roads, where day and night cars rush. Very good breakfast - even half board is possible. From the terrace on the roof really nice view of the river, which corresponds to the name of the guesthouse. The local bar is also visited by local people - it's too good to prepare seafood here.

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