The staff captain in the years of Maxim Maksimych for many yearsserved in the Caucasus and knew the customs and life of the mountaineers well. Having stopped his caravan with the convoy to the halt, he decided to tell his companion a very sad and unpleasant story that happened to the young officer Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin. "Bella" Lermontov (summary) describes that the officer was a very strange man, he could spend days on the hunt, and then sit in the room in the rain, complain about drafts and start at every knock. He could make a whole company laugh in the stomach.

Bella Lermontovaya

"Bella": Lermontov's short story

One day they are invited to the wedding of their eldest daughterone local prince. Pechorin there at first sight falls in love with the sixteen-year-old younger daughter of the owner Bella. But she loves the local hunter and trader rams, desperate Kazbich. When Maxim Maksimych went out to smoke, he overheard how Bella Azamat's brother asked to exchange from Kazbich his faithful horse Karagez and in return offered his beautiful sister. This story was told to the captain by carelessness by Pechorin, who immediately agreed with Azamat about the deal: he was to him a horse, and he must bring him Bella. And the deal took place. Kazbich was left without a horse and without a beloved.

"Bella" Lermontov. Scope of the story

Pechorin kept his captive in a closed room for a long time, tattooed her and began to give her presents. The heart of a poor prisoner could not stand, and she fell in love with Pechorin.

After a while, troubles fell. Kazbich killed Bella's father, mistakenly thinking that it was with his consent that Azamat stole his horse.

belle story of Lermontov

Pechorin, meanwhile, is beginning to get bored, he is alreadyShe was tired of Bela, and he does not need him anymore. This did not end Berma Lermontov. The briefing goes on to say that he once spent a long time hunting Max Maximich, and Bella went for a walk, and then Kazbich overtook her and hit him in the back with a dagger. She lay in bed for a long time and died of injury. Pechorin, too, was unwell for several days, he did not want to talk about Bella anymore. Such a sad ending has the story of "Bella" Lermontov. The summary ends with the fact that a few months later he left for a new duty station in Georgia. And Maxim Maksimych for a long time remembered and was sad that everything happened exactly this way - stupid and ridiculous.

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