In general, each union is based, beforeeverything, on trust, respect, common interests. However, a significant role is played by the sexual aspect. And at the beginning of the relationship, he, perhaps, is the main criterion of preferences. But what if the level of sexuality of partners is different? How to excite yourself, is it worth doing? Is it necessary to maintain the "required" intensity of sexual activity?

The reasons for which we are entering into a close relationship are different. Just as the preferences and opportunities of partners differ.

how to provoke oneself
How to excite yourself, if a loved one hashigher needs for sex? First of all, always try to create an atmosphere of intimacy. Do not over strain. But light wine (and only! - a large dose of alcohol acts quite differently), pleasant music (calm, erotic), beautiful underwear and appropriate dishes will do their job. What products have an impact on sensuality? How to excite yourself with the help of "erotic delicacies"? Spicy condiments stimulate receptors. Natural aphrodisiac are ginger, paprika, black pepper, rosemary, cloves. And not necessarily in dishes, but also in the form of aromatic oils.

How to excite yourself before intimacy? Eat seafood, mushrooms, artichokes ... for dessert, although dinner should not be plentiful, we recommend fruit and chocolate. Effective stimulants

excited state
means - honey, nuts, oranges. Do not neglect the greens and seasonings. Only with herbal teas should you be more careful. For example, mint or lemon balm will have the opposite effect. But ginger tea or coffee is a great idea for those who are interested in how to excite themselves with the help of drinks. With alcohol, do not overdo it: a glass of whiskey or good cognac can help relax and create an atmosphere of trust. But these drinks can not be combined with drugs that increase potency. In addition, if you drink a little extra, the result can be a complete fiasco.

The excited state depends not only on the dietor tablets. It is not accidental that the most important erogenous zone is the brain. If you feel dislike for a partner, if you are tired and tense, it is unlikely that the most potent medicines or condiments will help you.

stimulating sperds
How to excite yourself, if you are not in the mood? The advice may seem paradoxical: try to get distracted and switch to something that can give you pleasure here and now. For example, watch a movie together, talk heart to heart, take a bath, read anecdotes. Having rested and relaxed, you can enjoy minutes of affection, not necessarily tuning to "victory." The number of orgasms or "times" - this is not at all an indicator of a successful meeting. Excite yourself with gentle touches to the partner, his reactions. Whisper passionate words, the sound itself and the sensation of your breathing will awaken reciprocal sensuality.

It is very important not to rush anywhere, especially ifa date is one of the first. You should have enough time to devote it completely to a partner and communicate with him. Unfinished business, calls, rush are able to distract and kill sexual arousal. Try to find time for yourself and for someone you love.

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