One of the most serious problems with whichalmost every person faces, is a small mobility. We spend a lot of time in a sitting position in front of the computer. This leads to a lot of problems associated with the back and cervical department. In order to maintain health in order, you can perform a simple set of relaxation exercises that will help to remove fatigue and normalize blood circulation in the body.

Complex of exercises for relaxation

What does the complex consist of?

So, what exercises for relaxation of the backcan be included in this complex? Let's start with the bearish swaying. What is this exercise? It's enough just to put your feet to the width of your shoulders, straightening your back and relaxing. Then you can start to swing from one side to the other, while the entire weight of your body will be transferred to one leg or the other. Despite the fact that in most of the complex of exercises for relaxation consists of simple and unpretentious movements, its correct implementation in the end gives a good result.

Complex of exercises for physical education

Dilute complex exercises for physical educationwill help another simple exercise that you can easily do in the workplace. This is a big twist. It is necessary to put the feet to the width of the shoulders and turn from side to side, but not only with shoulders and head, but try to do it with the whole body. Doing this exercise, do not forget about the heels and lift them. In this way you will help yourself and be able to deploy the body as much as possible. Having done such a complex of exercises for relaxation, you will feel a surge of strength and remove heaviness and fatigue.

To get rid of the feeling of fatigue you need not onlyrelaxing the muscles of the back, but also the arms and legs. Do not forget about the eyes, because for a whole day they are also under heavy load. Do not hesitate to actively move both hands and feet even in the workplace - it really effectively helps to cope with fatigue and tension in the muscles. In this case, you do not just need to wave your hands: you can lift them over your head and "throw" down, relaxing the entire body.

Exercises for relaxation of the back

Also add to the set of exercises forrelaxing a few simple eye movements. You can simply look in turn in each direction, then up and down. It is also very good to just close your eyes and rub your finger on the upper eyelid, massaging it.

In order to give all muscle groups at oncethe opportunity to relax, you just need to lie down, raising your hands above your head. Lying at the same time on a level surface without a pillow. After spending 10 minutes in this position, you will feel rested. It is usually necessary to perform such exercises after you have performed the load on the muscle groups, not only after training, but also just sitting in the workplace. Performing simple movements will help you get rid of fatigue and stay in good spirits all day and in a good mood.

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