Wedding for many becomes enjoyablea holiday from which a new, truth, far from cloudless life begins. However, after many years, both spouses indulge in pleasant memories of this bright and wonderful event. In addition to the bright design of the hall, the festive cake and the number of guests, they also recall the beautiful congratulations with the marriage, received from friends and relatives. Therefore, we tried to collect the most original of them.

beautiful congratulations on the wedding

Who can speak congratulatory speeches?

To begin with, let's define who canto speak a congratulatory speech for the newlyweds. First of all, it is necessary to prepare for the public performance honorary witnesses, godparents, as well as the mother and father of the bride, the groom. Colleagues and close friends of brothers can take the floor and voice beautiful congratulations on the marriage. Also, pleasant words addressed to the newlyweds are usually heard from close relatives, for example, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts.

congratulations on the day of marriage beautiful

Bright and kind congratulations from honorable witnesses

If you were invited to the role of honorary witnesses, you must prepare a speech and beautiful congratulations on the wedding. For example, pleasant words about the young can sound from the side of "buddy." Thus the text will be approximately the following:

  • "It's very difficult to find words, but I stillI'll try. Today I'm very happy for my best friend. You finally chose for yourself the one and only woman who is ready to be called a wife. I know that this step was difficult for you. But you still made it meaningful. Despite the fact that I am still single and in the near future I do not intend to change anything, I dare to give you some advice. Let your life be all beautiful and cloudless. Yes, and so that all your bachelor friends envy. But only white envy. I wish that there is always mutual understanding between you. Give joy to each other. "

Or beautiful congratulations on the marriage can be voiced by a friend, or an honorary witness from the bride. For example, this will be a speech with the following content:

  • "Family ties and love are two important whales,which hold any serious relationship. To live this time long and happily, it is necessary not only to love and respect, but also to hear each other. I wish you that this understanding grows and strengthens in your marriage. So that you can understand and hear each other, even being many miles away. "

congratulations on marrying in prose beautiful

What can be congratulations?

Pleasant words can be spoken by all who wish, butin order. For example, one of the first to give their own toast to the health of young honorary witnesses. Then, the parents of the bride and groom take the floor. After come into conversation the next of kin, for example, brothers and sisters of the young. And later, beautiful congratulations on marrying in prose can speak friends, colleagues and acquaintances from the surrounding environment of the newlyweds.

There is no definite pattern or rule,on the basis of which the congratulatory speeches are uttered. Of course, ready-made options can always be found if desired. That's much better the text is pronounced in your own words. A beautiful congratulation on the marriage in this case will come from the heart. Therefore, such words will be sincere. So, they will bring more benefits and will be remembered for a long time.

For example:

On this bright day

We are not too lazy to congratulate you.

We wish you good,

Lots of light and heat.

Or verses can be very simple:

We wish you good luck,

You will cope with any task.

Machine to you and the dacha.

Love and passion in addition.

touching congratulations on the wedding

Is it better to speak in verse or not?

Depending on the erudition of the guest who decidedto say a toast, beautiful congratulations on the day of marriage can be very long or short. In the first case, congratulations can turn into a long and instructive story, and in the second - to have a moralizing or portable meaning.

Often short congratulations include elementshumor, sarcasm and even grotesque. However, they are usually pronounced to the place and in accordance with the characteristics of the nature of the newlyweds. For example: "On this wonderful and important day for you, we want to wish you that your family life has turned into a real dance. Let your gray routine look like a fairy waltz, passionate and passionate nights - remind hot tango. Well, if there are any disagreements, it's only in the style of the pasodoble. "

Furthermore, Pleasing young words can be spoken not only inprose. Beautiful congratulations on the marriage can be in verse. Many of them are very short, and some are more like whole laudatory odes. Everyone decides for himself which option is most acceptable for him. It happens that beautiful poems are remembered better than any prose. And sometimes there is nothing better than verbal impromptu. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the circumstances and in accordance with a specific case.

congratulations on marrying beautiful short

Pleasant words from the parents of the bride

Despite the fact that during the wedding, beautifulcongratulations on the day of marriage sound from everywhere, the brightest among them are the words of the parents. For example, the first right to congratulate young people can pass to the bride's parents.

In their congratulations they, as a rule,remember the past of his daughter, tell her what she was, how she grew up and changed. And then they wish for family happiness, joy and prosperity. For example, the words can be: "Dear our children! In this long-awaited day for all of us, we want to wish you a cloudless sky in your home, a beautiful love story, many children, mutual understanding and all-consuming happiness. "

Especially touching congratulations onmarriage sound from the mother of the bride. This is understandable. After all, she gives her daughter to a completely different family. For example: "My dear daughter! I'm very happy that you grew up and became such a beautiful woman. On this day, I want to convey your hand and heart to this wonderful man, whom you already called your husband. Let your life be like an exciting adventure. I hope it will be filled with only positive emotions and events. Let the angels protect you from disappointments, insurmountable obstacles and falls. Be happy!"

racy greeting with a wedding in one's own words

What to say to the groom's parents?

Wishes from the groom's parents are often crowdedintertwined in meaning with the words of the bride's parents. It can be beautiful, short congratulations on the marriage, spoken from the heart. For example: "Many years ago, when only the first people appeared, a man met a woman. It was a phenomenal meeting. He was conquered by her extraterrestrial beauty. Therefore I wrote poems for her, in which I described how fascinated this beautiful woman. And this his admiration continued throughout his life. So, our dear, we wish that your enthusiasm for each other also lasts all your happy family life. "

Wishes from other relatives

In addition to parents, young and other relatives often rush to congratulate. For example, it can be sisters and brothers.

  • "My dear and beloved sister! I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the day of your marriage. I am very happy (or happy) that in our difficult times you found your second half. I hope that your spouse will love you, adore and even carry on your hands. I wish you happiness and great love! "
  • "Dear sister! Not so long ago, I still drove (drove) to school and played with you in dolls. But now you have become big and independent. You are loved and happy. I wish you and your spouse wisdom, patience and elementary luck. Let everything in your life be all right! "

beautiful greeting with a wedding girlfriend

Kind and positive wishes from friends

After the pleasant words withside relatives and honorary witnesses of the newlyweds, the turn to share the positive moves to the closest friends. Regardless of whether these are long or short congratulations, they all have a definite meaning for the new cell of society.

For example, it could be the following beautifulcongratulation on the wedding of a friend: "My dear (name of the bride)! Today you got married and left the ranks of the most enviable brides of the city. I'm very glad that your chosen one was such a wonderful person as (the name of the groom). Advice to you and love! "

Or it can be such words: "There are two remarkable events in the life of each person, accompanied by unforgettable positive feelings. One of them is associated with love, and the second - with the birth of a child. Therefore, we want to wish you, throughout your entire family life, you have experienced these wonderful moments again and again. "

Pleasant words from colleagues

When the friends finish their speech, "relaywand ", associated with pleasant congratulations, passes to the colleagues of the young. For example, they can say: "Our beloved / dear and respected / (name of the bride or groom)! We are happy to congratulate you on your wedding day. We wish you a serene family life! Good luck in your career and finances, good luck in business and any endeavors! "

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