The talent to speak beautifully is not everyone. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to gather thoughts into one whole at the celebration and make a worthy wish. It is easy to please a woman: flowers, compliments, praises prepared by her dishes - and she is subdued. It is much harder to find the right birthday wishes for a man. Short toasts, long verse poems, prose - a form can be any, the main thing - sincerely and from the heart.

Skillful flattery

The compliments will not be denied even by the verybrutal man. Just words must be chosen skillfully, unsweetly, not cloying. It does not matter who these phrases are meant for (neighbor, husband, colleague), contact the birthday person for you, men love this respect, but women remind of age. Praise is preferably not external data, but internal qualities. Congratulations on a man's birthday in his own words will sound naturally and openly. Do not have to learn by heart, just follow the plan:

"Wish such a respected and successful personsomething new is difficult. You already have everything: family, well-being, and happy lights in your eyes. I wish to keep all this as it is. Health and success in life. A real man, brave, clever, gallant, happy birthday! "

Happy birthday man in your own words

Wild West

A holiday is brewing in the family, and boring feastslong bored? Have a cowboy party. Decorations can be made independently from cardboard and improvised materials. Prepare an invitation in the appropriate style, in which indicate that the form of clothing - jeans and shirts in a cage. Place a bar in the center of the room with a variety of drinks and snacks. Contests, games, quizzes in which you can earn prizes, will not be superfluous. Attach a little effort and imagination. Congratulations on the birthday of a man his words can be brought closer to the theme of the party.

For example: "Brave and brave friend of Joe, happy holiday! You are as rude as a cowboy, but you can be as gentle as a breeze on the prairie. Achieve your goals, shoot the top ten. You are a cool and cheerful person. My respect is immeasurable. I wish you happiness, health and fewer cattle on the way! "

The holiday will be a success, the time will fly by unnoticed, the guests will amuse this evening!

Delicious creative

Beer is the favorite drink of most men. They drink it with spicy and salty snacks, enjoying it immensely. So present the same birthday present dream - beer cake! Bake it is not necessary, just go to the nearest store. A few cans of beer set on a small tray and wrap a huge ribbon with a bow. Now use the designer's abilities and creativity - decorate this cake with dried fish, packages of chips and crackers, smoked cheese. Such a masterpiece will please the culprit of the celebration, and congratulations on his birthday in prose a man will also like!

happy birthday in prose man

"My gift is unusual. This cake of vessels with nectar I give to you with pride. I know that you dream about it every day, but you need to know the measure always and in everything. Happy Birthday! Always find a golden mean in life and there will be no problems. May happiness and success be your eternal companions! "


Poems are usually dedicated to beautiful ladies, but thiserror. Representatives of the stronger sex will also not give up the lines they personally intended. It's so nice to feel the care and attention to your person. Therefore, prepare a poetic congratulation on the birthday of a man. Beautiful phrases, combined rhyme, will not leave anyone indifferent!

I wish to see in life only happiness,

Happy eyes, success,

Let your house pass over bad weather,

After all, you are really the best!

Hardening, and sharpness,

And even posture -

All this is in you,

And the main thing is kindness and honor!

I wish you a career in advancement,

A universal in life respect.

In a relationship - love,

Big and strong family!

This is a universal birthday greeting to a man. You can also express your wishes with your own words, but to dedicate poetry is a feat!

Happy birthday a beautiful man

Useful bouquet

Hiking in the bath for the male population meansa lot of. Of course, they go there not to bathe, but to chat with friends, drink beer, have fun. The most important accessory for such an event is a broom. You can take it and rent it, but it's more hygienic to get your own copy. Present a birthday bouquet of oak brooms. According to the sauna lovers, their aroma is not inferior to the rose. Pack the brooms into a beautiful bright paper, tie with a ribbon - an excellent and useful gift. Simple and unpretentious congratulations on his birthday in prose will suit him. A man will like this option very much, and in the near future your bouquet will be used for its intended purpose.

"Happy Birthday! This bouquet will bring you a lot of emotions and impressions. After all, he is reusable and will not go to the dump three days after the holiday. Have fun, go through life easily. Let your friends surround you not only in the sauna on weekends, but every day for another hundred years! "

congratulations happy birthday man short

The holiday was a success

Do not ignore the holidays ever. On that they are created to have fun and to communicate with native and loved people. Everyone has his own celebration: someone likes noisy parties, someone has a family quiet dinner. It does not matter how this day will pass, the main thing is to remember it for many years! Be sure to present congratulations on your birthday to a man with your words in verse, in letters. Give your relatives more attention and care!

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