It's not true that men do not love with their ears. Still how they like to hear kind words in their address! This increases their self-love, helps to establish themselves, gives faith in themselves. Especially on my birthday. That's why girls have to fantasize to come up with a birthday greeting to a young man. The answer lies in the personality of the birthday boy, his character, hobbies, preferences, his goals and dreams.


When choosing a congratulation, one should take into account the age of a man, his status and character, life priorities and values. Also important are the relationship with him, their sincerity, closeness, level of trust.

If it's just an acquaintance or a colleague, the congratulation will be restrained, laconic.

If between the culprit of the celebration and the greeting is already a long romantic relationship or it is a married couple, romantic greetings in an intimate atmosphere will be very acceptable.

birthday greeting to a young man

In his own words

Men love brevity, clarity and logic. Congratulations on the birthday of a young man should be just like that. Knowing what he dreams about, you can wish to achieve your goals in your own words.

Almost all men are careerists. Every young man will be happy to hear words of wishes about fast career growth, promotion through the career ladder, success and luck.

If a relationship is important to a young man, wish him love and loyalty. If he loves children - gay children's laughter and wisdom in the upbringing of kids.

If he simply likes to enjoy life, wish freedom and pleasure from every minute lived.

There are still romance in the world!

Sometimes it's very convenient to congratulate you on the daybirth of a young man in verse. Beautiful rhymes like romance, for which relationships are valuable. It is important that the poems were not too long, could emphasize the atmosphere of the holiday and guess the wishes of the birthday person.

As a congratulation can be announced a set of values ​​of a person.

Let not age year,

Do not be sad.

Do not regret about anything,

Celebrate your anniversary.

To inspire the dream,

And love warmed.

Everybody's friends today

Congratulate you.

Or it will be a personal poem written about the birthday boy, his achievements and plans for the future.

To achieve goals easily,

Trouble-grief you did not know.

And I wish you every success.

Congratulations and hugs!

May be as a congratulation on the birthday of a young man a short SMS-wishes.

Love, health and fun.

Happy Birthday!

congratulations happy birthday young man funny

Sweet congratulations

A man will be happy with a sweet congratulation. Of course, the cake will be appropriate. And if you also cook it yourself, such a gift will be appreciated. He will help for a moment to return to childhood.

An interesting idea for an unusual sweet congratulation will be a cool cake in the form of a ball or a typewriter, a bag of money or a barrel with caviar, a golf course or a football field.

Like a cake in the form of a woman or attractive body parts with a touch of eroticism. Or even with an edible photo printed on a 3d printer and an inscription for a beloved man.

Exclusive cakes from mastic will help to plunge into the world of fragrant baking from childhood.

birthday greetings to a young man short

Smile, friends, smile!

To cheer up the birthday person and the whole company, you can think of humorous congratulations on the birthday of a young man. Funny wishes in verses will give a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

To keep the bucks in the safe,

To women loved,

So that the seas and oceans

You could afford it.

What you should remember when choosing congratulations withbirthday of a young man? Do not forget about the holiday itself. Show the birthday person all sincerity of feelings, emphasize his importance in his life, instill faith in him, give hope, give love.

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