The wedding is an event very special. Although not every marriage ends in love for life, but all newlyweds believe that it is their couple that will retain the best feelings for years of living together. And this is right, because the belief in happiness will inevitably attract happy events.

On the wedding day and guests need to showthe newlyweds have their joy for them, and that's what wishes for on the day of the wedding. There is no place for templates, because everyone should individually congratulate loved ones. But a few years ago there was a peculiar fashion for congratulations in verse. And everything would be fine, but the verses are not their own, but taken "somewhere": from postcards, from the Internet, from school girls' profiles ...

Today something normal and ordinary is consideredwhen you give the gift to the newlyweds to read the verse, printed in a postcard. But are many really pleased? Is it possible to consider such a congratulation from the heart? Maybe a long time ago, twenty years ago, when the usual congratulations were on the wedding in their own words, the poems were something extraordinarily original. Yes, and they were written then, in most cases, by the congratulations themselves. Therefore, even not too collapsible verses were of great value for the newlyweds. But can you please the verse that already sounded somewhere? The time allotted for the delivery of gifts and congratulations turns into boring, long dragging minutes, which, in fact, are of no interest to anyone.

But you can write congratulations on the weddingin their own words, and not necessarily in verse. A pure and sincere speech about the groom and the bride will perfectly replace the sugary lines stolen in postcards. To make this greeting really original, use several rules:

1. Forget about the standard, like: "Congratulations on the wedding, I wish you happiness, love and health." Think up something of your own.

2. Do not congratulate "in three words," but avoid long speeches for a few minutes. After all, you do not want the guests to fall asleep while you read your congratulations? Ideally, it should last a couple of minutes, plus / minus one minute. And this is taking into account the pauses.

3. When composing the most congratulations on the wedding in your own words, first of all, imagine yourself in the place of lovers. It's unlikely that you will wish yourself ill. Write down in the draft what you consider to be the most important in an ideal family.

4. Now think about the bride and groom. Perhaps you are well acquainted with only one of them. If with both, it's even better. Think about what are the main values ​​of family values ​​in their understanding? Write down everything that can come up in the draft.

5. Review the resulting list. If some phrases contradict each other, delete them. From the rest, fold the text, not too simple and not too abstruse. Do not use sentences like: "Though you quarreled so often, I hope everything will turn right after the wedding." In no case! Everything should be positive. And remember: congratulations on the wedding in your own words should not reveal any personal secrets of lovers.

6. Reread. If it sounds good, copy it into a beautiful postcard.

7. If you still really want to compose a verse from yourself, do it. But before you read it at the wedding, declare that it is your own. First, it will cause interest, and secondly, the newlyweds will appreciate it. His verse is a very special thing.

On the day of marriage, the written can be readfrom a postcard or tell yourself, having previously learned. If you choose the second, still keep the card at your fingertips: suddenly you will get agitated and forget something.
When there will be congratulations on the weddingin your own words or verses from a postcard, your treatment will be one of the best. Because in it will be present that which is not in most congratulations - the soul.

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