The Empire of the Franks, which appeared at the very beginningof the ninth century, for its short existence could become a real opponent of the great Roman Empire. Whether her power was due to the talent of the monarch, or whether it was a matter of mere luck, it is very difficult to say. And no matter how many years the Frankish Empire existed, the main thing is that it became one of the first European states to unite many nations.


Everything began in the distant sixth century. The scattered tribes of the German barbarians (the so-called Romans all the peoples living outside their empire) tried to create similarities of states. The basis of the Frankish state was laid by Clovis, the leader of one of the tribes, who founded the Merovingian dynasty. Adoption of Christianity, a competent policy towards other tribes allowed him to create a prototype of the kingdom. His business was continued a century later by another king, Dagober who introduced the royal council and the bureaucrats' apparatus, which worked on the most important issues. But the unity of the Frankish state was formal - some of its richest parts constantly tried to secede, claiming the title of independent kingdoms. This was the reason that over time the Merovingians lost power over the state of the Franks and retired from power, losing to the more enterprising Carolingians.

how many years the Frankish Empire existed


After a long struggle for power, the throne received PepinShort is the father of Charlemagne. He also called the new dynasty the Carolingians, in honor of his son. His reign was marked by a series of reforms, besides, a new ruler relied on the Church, which helped him overthrow the last Meroving. But while talking about how many years the Frankish Empire existed, early - the Carolingians just began to rule.

formation of the Frankish Empire

The first three years of his reign, Charlemagnewas in command of his brother Carlomir. He began with a variety of reforms: modernization of the army, changing the judicial system, increasing the role of the Church in the life of the state and so on. Then military campaigns began, as a result of which the territory of the state of Charles increased almost twofold. Now the king's possessions stretched from Spain to Hungary, under his control was the territory of modern Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany, he owned parts of Italy - with the unification of all these lands under the authority of a monarch, one can link the formation of the Frankish Empire.


In 800 AD Charlemagne waswas proclaimed emperor, and his possessions became known as the Frankish Empire. All the efforts of the monarch were aimed at creating a theocratic, ecclesiastical state, which would become the continuation of the fallen Western Roman Empire.

section of the Frankish Empire

But Karl did not only develop the army. The period of his reign entered history as the Carolingian Renaissance - at that time in the territory of the kingdom of the Franks, schools were opened, Latin was taught, and interest in the history and culture of various peoples increased. Later, Karl ordered the collection of folk songs and legends, at his own request the first grammar for the German tribes was created. Answering the question "how many years the Frankish Empire existed," one can safely say: all the time that Karl the Great was in power.


The greatest empire was destroyed in less thanhalf a century after its creation. The division of the Frankish Empire occurred when the grandsons of Charlemagne could not share power. After the death of the emperor, power passed to his only son (the two others survived). The reign of Louis the Pious was long for those times: he stayed in power for thirty years. His throne bequeathed to his eldest son, but the other two were indignant, because of what the father made concessions to the heirs. In 843 the Verdun Treaty was signed, according to which the empire was divided into France, Germany and Italy. How many years did the Frankish Empire last? Only 43 years, 43 amazing for the whole world.

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