Many people like to be in the center, want theirnoticed. They achieve this in many ways: someone attracts the views with a beautiful speech, and someone - with his body. So, some make numerous piercings and tattoos. Now the choice of tattoos is huge. For example, there are male and female tattoos on the arm, inscriptions on the hands and other parts of the body. Can this really help to attract attention? And how to achieve this? Let's figure this out.

What is a tattoo?

The very first mention of tattoos can be foundin the distant 1773, when the traveler James Cook brought the news of them from the countries he visited. Then in Europe, tattoos were used as a symbol of beauty and for decorating the body. They were applied in order to emphasize the individuality of a person. And what is a tattoo in the modern world?

Tattooing is a drawing on the skin, which is applied with a special apparatus, bringing the paint deep under the skin. That's why, when applying a tattoo, you need to remember that it is then difficult to bring out.

history of tattooing

Rules for drawing a tattoo

In order to make yourself in the modern worldtattoo, you just need to choose a good salon and a master. But there are still a few rules that you should know in order not to make a mistake in your choice.

  1. Once again, think whether your decision is conscious about drawing a picture on your skin. After all, tattooing is often done for a long time, and it is difficult to get it out.
  2. If your decision is final, meticulously refer to the master who will conduct the procedure, look at what works he has already done and think whether he will be able to cope with yours.
  3. During the procedure, make sure that aseptic and antiseptic rules are followed. The master must have gloves, he must use new needles and plates for paint each time.
  4. You should understand that tattooing -painful procedure, but it is better not to take painkillers and do not use anesthesia, since the muscles will be toned, and after lifting the anesthesia your drawing may change. Therefore, have patience.
  5. You will also need patience, because you will have to sit still or lie for a long time in one place.
  6. After the procedure is over, it is importantObserve all the rules of tattoo care, which you will tell the master. So, you can not remove the bandage for the agreed time. Do not be in the sun and rip off the crust from the picture, it should go away by itself.

It is important to learn these rules beforego to the salon tattoo. Now is the time to figure out what tattoos are. Men often make sketches of various animals, symbolizing courage and strength, as well as drawings related to military service. And what kind of tattoos do girls do?

Masters from the salons for the manufacture of tattoos say that most of them make tattoos on their hands for girls - inscriptions in Latin, most often on the wrist.

a tattoo on the palm of your hand

Tattoos on the hands of girls

Such tattoos on the hands for girls (inscriptions ondifferent languages) are designed for courageous enough representatives of the weaker sex, because the hands are that part of the body that everyone sees in the warm season. Popular tattoo on the shoulder, for example beautiful flowers: it can be a rose on a long stem, which will symbolize the romanticism and at the same time the danger of its mistress. Some extravagant personalities make a tattoo on the whole hand. In this case, it is better to make a picture in light or bright colors, because dark colors are usually chosen by men.

tattoo on the forearm

The next place that is often exposedtattoo, is the wrist. Tattoos on the hands for girls - inscriptions (usually short) - in this case are especially popular. This is a fairly gentle part of the hand, so drawing a drawing here will be quite painful.

What inscriptions are usually used by girls?

Beautiful tattoos for girls (inscriptions on the hands)You can meet often enough, and it's not difficult to choose a sample for yourself. Usually, these are short inscriptions that are placed on the inside of the wrist. An example is the phrase: Potius sero guam nunguam, which in Latin means "Better late than never".

However, not only inscriptions are used. Girls very often make tattoos in the form of two or three birds, which are a symbol of man's devotion to his feelings. Also, this sign can be regarded as a symbol of freedom.

Tattoo for self-expression

Tattoo as a symbol of self-expression

So, the drawing on the skin is excellent, enoughA bold way to attract attention, enjoyed by both boys and girls. In the salons of the tattoo you will be offered photographs and sketches depicting various tattoos on the hands for girls. Inscriptions are made on the hands and legs, chest and back. Before you do a tattoo, think again. This is a fairly responsible action. Do not discount the possibility of an allergic reaction. Pictures of tattoos (inscriptions on the hand or other part of the body) experienced masters can make and according to the sketch you proposed. Good luck to you!

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