Among the variety of coloring agentsunique qualities are the hair color "Brelil". She began to win positions since 1973. Paint was developed at the enterprise, which has a special specialization. This factory produces professional cosmetic products, which are used for hair care. Paint is used by stylists for dyeing in beauty salons, and many women use it for the same procedure at home.

Product Features

Hair color "Brelil Prestige" answers allit is safe and of high quality. Manufacturers were able to develop not just a coloring agent, but also cosmetics that cares for the hair. Product stability is 7 weeks.

Hair dye Brelil

When using paint, women can be fully confident in her stamina and the health of her hair. Specialists from more than 30 countries have evaluated this product and are constantly using it.

According to the stylists, "Brelil" is persistentcream-paint, which stands out for its durability and color saturation. It has an innovative dye that has been developed for several years.

Means refers to professional products,but has ease of use. The paint has a uniform consistency and can be evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair. After coloring, the woman's curls become smooth, easily fit into the hairstyle and have a bright color.

Paint composition

In the hair color "Brelil" does not include paraffins of diamines, which can cause allergies. They are often added to coloring agents for dark shades, which are used for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Manufacturers did not include resorcinol and parabens in the paint, which can provoke a rash on the skin.

Thanks to this, the product has a delicate effect on the hair and scalp, which reduces the risk of getting negative reactions.

The presence of a special formula does not contribute to the dyeing of the skin, which facilitates the removal of paint from the skin and does not require the use of additional cleansers.

Coenzyme Q10, which is part of the paint, has a pronounced antioxidant effect. It is these substances that protect hair from ultraviolet radiation.

Hair color "Brelil Colorian Prestige" consists of 70% of coloring agents and 30% of caring components.

Hair dye Brelil reviews

The formula of the paint over time is constantly changing in accordance with the requirements of the hair cosmetics market.

Secrets of staining

Before the dyeing process, it is necessary to checkskin reaction to the components of the agent. Apply a small amount of paint to the sensitive area of ​​the body for 2 days. If, after this period, an allergic reaction has not occurred, then the woman can use this stain remover. Neglect this procedure is not necessary, in order to avoid serious consequences.

Instructions for use

Paint is designed for professional use, so you must adhere to certain rules when applying to obtain a positive effect.

What features exist for hair color "Brelil"? The required ratio of coloring components should be as follows:

  • 1 part of the basic substance;
  • 1.5 parts of the developer.

If the color is red, then the ratio of components is 1: 1.

To lighten the hair, the paint and developer are also taken in the ratio 1: 1.

Hair coloring Brelil Prestige

Stages of the procedure for color change:

  • The contents of a tube of paint are combined with an oxidizer. All mix thoroughly.
  • The resulting mixture is applied to the hair, distributing it along the entire length.
  • The waiting time is 25-30 minutes.
  • After the due time, the paint from the hair is washed off.
  • The balm is applied to the curls, which is also washed off after 2 minutes.

After the correct procedure of dyeing, the hair should acquire the desired shade.

Color palette

Every woman has her own preferences and requests for color. Therefore, the best option can be selected only if there is a variety of gamma tints.

Palette of hair color "Brelil" (photopresented below) is a huge variety that will allow each woman to choose the appropriate color. There are more than 70 kinds of shades that are suitable for all types of hair. Any woman can choose for herself a color that she likes.

Brelil Hair Dye Palette

To obtain the color indicated on the package, it is necessary to take into account the existing shade, carefully follow the instructions for the staining process and mix the dye with the same oxidizing agent.

The paint is presented in such shades:

  • Natural.
  • Silk.
  • Beige.
  • Natural-beige.

Palette of hair color "Brelil Prestige"complemented by shades such as mahogany and similar shades. In it there are not only classical tones, but also those that cause: violet and blue. The palette includes the most fashionable colors.

Such shades can be used if you paint individual strands, which will add a zest to your image.

Picking a shade, you need to take into account the naturalhair color, which will achieve the desired result. Hair will look natural even with frequent staining, because the paint in its composition has a minimum amount of ammonia.


Hair color "Brelil" has both positive and negative sides. Its positive qualities include:

Hair dye Brelil Colorian Prestige

  • convenience of application;
  • approximation of the shade on the package to the real color;
  • does not affect the hair condition negatively;
  • is economical in use;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • a varied palette of shades;
  • high degree of durability: the paint is able to persist on the hair for more than a month;
  • does not dry curls, after staining they look healthy;
  • ideally paints the gray hair;
  • Has safety in use;
  • Due to the low content of ammonia in the paint, it has a gentle effect on the hair.

Having positive properties, hair color "Brelil" surpassed the most daring expectations. Therefore, the coloring agent is so popular in many countries of the world.

Disadvantages of paint

The paint "Brelil", despite the existing advantages, has some drawbacks:

  1. When staining in a shade of blond, unwanted yellowness may appear.
  2. At especially sensitive respiratory ways there are unpleasant sensations.
  3. Some shades may differ from the colors on the packaging.

Brelil hair dye palette photo

Despite the presented drawbacks, the paint "Brelil" is an excellent coloring agent.


According to reviews, the hair color "Brelil" was approved by many women who were convinced of its effectiveness.

At professional hairdressers, the coloring agent causes a positive opinion. After all, the paint consists not only of the coloring material, but also of the caregiver.

Widely popular means acquired through a palette that contains more than 70 shades. On the advice of stylists, the best procedure for staining will be held in the cabin with all the rules.

According to experts, the paint "Brelil" - a quality product, and the result is satisfied customers.

Palette for coloring hair Brelil Prestige

Many women note that before applyingpaints for a long time did not dare to dye their hair at home, because it is professional and requires a certain approach. H as a result, the hair is beautifully colored, has acquired the desired shade and attractive shine, which has been preserved for a long time. Therefore, the fears were in vain.

Women admit that this stain remedy has become their favorite and they use it for a long period of time.

Paint "Brelil" - fine cosmetica product that girls and women can use with any type of hair. It completely stains the gray strands and promotes a rich color. The components of the paint help to conduct a safe procedure and protect the hair from the negative influence of the environment.

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