In order to be transformed and becomeattractive, sometimes just enough to make an original hairstyle and change the habitual hair color. But the choice of hair coloring hair should be approached with great responsibility, since the further health of each of its elements depends on this. That is why it is necessary to give preference to proven manufacturers. The color palette of hair colors "Garnier" will be an excellent alternative to the bored color. For a long history of existence, this company has proved that its products are quality and safe to use.

color palette for hair color garnier

Careful care of your hair

The color palette of hair colors "Garnier" hasa mass of shades that can transform any representative of the gentle half of humanity. Often the color of the woman looks dull and does not impress brightness, which is why sometimes one color is enough to make the appearance of the head of hair become more attractive. The company "Garnier" has developed four lines of hair coloring agents, each of which has several different shades.

Four rulers of coloring agents

First we will get acquainted with the first species. The color palette of hair colors "Garnier Nutris", in addition to excellent durability of dyeing, is distinguished by careful care for the hair. It is provided with additives from natural oils of various fruits and nutrients.

The palette is considered more refinedcolors of hair dyes «Garnier Color Color». Its use will be an excellent alternative for girls with damaged and thin strands. In addition, the durability of cream paints from this range is much higher than the previous one. All shades of this series of products are as close to natural as possible.

hair color garnier alder
The third palette of colors "Garnier Color Shine" Created specifically to make your hair shinesaturated color. This tool is made without the use of ammonia. But, despite this, the paint perfectly holds on the hair, keeping their bright color for quite a long time.

hair dye garnier blond

Well, finally, we introduce you to the third rulercolors from the represented company - "Garnier Color Sanity". This series is created for extra-color hair color, their pearly radiance and incredible brightness. The effect of staining with this product can first stun you with saturation, but after a few flushes of hair, it will acquire an ideal shade.

Tips for changing hair color

To date, very popular paint forhair "Garnier alder". This color is a transitional between light brown and chestnut, which is why it is ideal for blondes who do not want to darken the natural shade of their hair, but at the same time they want it to become a little darker.

Another assistant in the change of image will be the paintfor hair "Garnier blond". Many women know from their own experience how much they blemish the condition of the head of hair, but this does not apply to the paint that we present to you today. It does not include standard ingredients, which is why it not only brightens the hair well, but also covers them with a protective layer that prevents them from loosening.

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