Among the many hair dyes is very difficultDetermine which of them is the most-most. Each manufacturer insists that his product is better than others. But here it is necessary to take into account also the structure of the hair, the original color, the susceptibility to the chemical substances applied, and do not forget about the possible allergies to certain components that make up the composition. Improperly selected paint is more likely to damage the curls or unwanted color solution. Well-known among consumers is hair color "Vellaton". A palette of flowers, natural ingredients and an affordable price - this is what attracts customers.

hair color wellon color palette

Main characteristics

"Wellaton" - hair dye, reviews about whichtestify to its careful effect on strands. The composition includes oils and other vegetable components, which allows you to achieve the desired color and at the same time maintain a healthy look of curls. Can be used both at home and in salons. It makes the color saturated, thanks to quality dyes. Cares for this remedy with the help of serum for hair restoration with provitamin B5, which contains coconut palm extract. It is this component that gives brilliance to the treated strands. The technology of the dyeing process has an oxygen base, which contributes to the brightness and saturation of the color, and also the persistence of its intensity for a long time. The thick consistency of the finished mass is convenient when applied, since it does not spread and evenly falls on the hair.

Cleverly combines the cost and quality of the paint forhair "Wellaton". The color palette attracts with its wide spectrum, the price - its availability, organic components - its careful attitude to the curls. The German brand Vella has been successfully competing for many years with other manufacturers on the market.

Color palette

wellon hair dye reviews

A wide range of products for blondes,brunettes, brown-haired woman offers a hair dye «Wellaton». The color palette consists of 26 different shades. Allows you to update natural blond (or native dark) curls and creates new color scheme solutions. Very popular with the blonde consumer of the product is the tone "shell". "Wellaton" - a hair dye, the shades of which perfectly mask gray hair. To properly choose the color, it is better to address to a specialist, at least at the beginning of the image change. If the result you are satisfied with, the subsequent painting can be done at home.


The novelty of this brand is mousse-paint forhair "Wellaton". The color palette allows you to choose (by yourself or with your personal hairdresser) exactly the shade that suits you. Convenient application makes it possible to dye your hair at home. Mousse is easily applied by hand. Detailed instructions, as well as on all dyes, can be read on the package or the liner.

Years of practice

vellatonne hair dye shades
Paint "Vellaton" for decades has been popular amongwomen. This is confirmed by surveys conducted by various women's magazines. It has its own circle of loyal customers and expands it with the help of quality products, affordable prices and emerging innovations.

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